Obamacare horror stories weren’t hard to find following its implementation – and they aren’t hard to find now.

It quickly became clear that when Obama was selling his plan, you had to take everything he said with a grain of salt. He famously said on numerous occasions that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” That turned out to be a lie. He also promised that his health care plan would reduce premiums for the average family by $2,500. They’re increased by nearly double that…. as have deductibles!

Sure, there were millions of people newly insured – but is it really a surprise that people will purchase health insurance when you threaten them with fines if they don’t?

Obamacare has been just as big a disaster as the Healthcare.gov roll-out, but now that it’s on its way out, expect the Left to pretend otherwise. Donald Trump has managed to turn liberals into the tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorists they had mocked just months prior, and with Obamacare’s repeal looming, any scare tactic will do.

One newly formed progressive super PAC is planning to cart caskets to Republican lawmakers’ districts and hold mock funerals for their constituents. Another activist is encouraging protesters to ship their own ashes — should they die without health care —to GOP lawmakers. And other progressive groups are planning graphic “die-in” protests as they work to derail GOP plans to repeal Obamacare.

“We must be far more visceral,” said Jason Haber, a Manhattan real estate investor who started a super PAC that he said will host mock funerals — including “tombstones, coffins, even eulogies” — later this month for “the constituents that will be killed as a result of losing access to health care.”

Haber, who has worked in New York Democratic politics, said “in the age of Trump, nothing short of blunt and brute force will work as a counterweight,” adding, “We can’t win based on the merit of our ideas but rather on the way in which we deliver that message.”

H/T: Politico

It’s bizarre to fearmonger about people dying in absence of Obamacare, especially in light of the fact that the mortality rate increased while it was policy.

The chart above translates to 11,000 excess annual U.S. adult deaths relative to the pre-Obamacare trends.

There’s plenty to explain why.

For one, millions of people lost their doctors. Deductibles skyrocketed under Obamacare (as did overall premiums), making people less likely to get preventable care. Many simply purchased insurance to avoid paying the fine, and didn’t make any changes to their behavior.

Lastly, the majority were newly insured through the Medicaid expansion, and Medicaid tends to produce crummy health results. (It’s a government program, duh!)

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