One of the biggest problems I see is that the current Democratic party and their leadership only views the Constitution as an impediment to their agenda, to the degree that they understand it at all.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin felt he had to call out Rep. Nancy Pelosi for making the statement that President Trump was involved in a criminal cover-up. Just two weeks ago, she claimed Trump was involved in a cover-up, so now she’s upgraded that charge to “criminal.”

Pelosi using the words “criminal cover-up” really puts a stain on things and ups the ante on hate rhetoric toward the Commander-in-Chief. ” As you will see in the video below, he didn’t hold back his feelings when speaking about Pelosi.

The one thing about Levin is that he is a very wise political commentator, always referring back to the Constitution and why it made us the greatest country in history. These Dems are the very reason the Constitution is so vitally important. It is a check and balance against them using the power of government to inflict violence on society.

Levin: “If we didn’t have a Constitution and these Democrats who run these committees were in charge, it’d be like the French committees during the French Revolution, where they’d be declaring people guilty with a guillotine next to them and lopping their heads off. There are times when Congress is totally out of control and this is one of them, adding that House Democrats are sending “unconstitutional subpoenas” and anyone who receives one should be fighting it in court.

“She just declared the President of the United States a criminal based on what? No due process, no court case, no indictment. … [Jerry] Nadler announces the President of the United States is a criminal. These are the worst kinds of demagogues, who are representing the mob, their base. They have taken over the House of Representatives for their own political purposes,” he said.

Typically when you accuse someone of a crime, you are required to use the term ‘alleged.’ Apparently, that is not a requirement for Democrats. They would just declare someone is guilty and it is supposed to be the final word, no evidence, just someone’s words, no trial, just say they’re guilty.

I would love to see Levin debate any Democrat or mainstream media Trump hater. None of them would stand a chance against him.

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