Levin Calls Pelosi’s Actions Unconstitutional! Gives McConnell Constitutional Advice — Will He Listen?

Constitutional scholar and radio talk show host Mark Levin ripped into Rep. Nancy Pelosi for withholding the Articles of Impeachment that are supposed to be sent to the Senate.

Levin tweeted suggestions to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about how this should be handled because what Pelosi is doing now is obstructing justice and Trump’s ability for due process. In other words, it’s unconstitutional.

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Watch This:

The House “sent” impeachment to the Senate already, the very second after they voted, and it became the official recorded the action of the House of Representatives.

Now it resides 100 percent in the hands of the Senate. Under the express terms of the US Constitution. Speaker of the House has zero authority over this House action now. The game’s over in the House.

House impeaches – done – case closed as of the final vote yesterday. Automatic referral to the Senate is now in effect and they should have exclusive jurisdiction.

Too late for more games, Nancy. You gave up total control upon the final recorded vote in the House yesterday and under the terms of your pledge of allegiance to the laws of this nation.

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This is why Democrats want “activist” members on the Supreme Court – so they can make up the rule as they go along. This is why we now have a majority of strict constructionists on the Supreme Court – they follow the letter of the US Constitution, as written.

On another note, folks, I have to say I never thought we’d be at this point so fast. The Dems are not slowing down in their constant litany of accusations. If anything, they have jumped it up two orders of magnitude since Schiff began his kangaroo court of a hearing on impeachment.

Republicans have got to pull together. We all have to expect brutal use of the media and whatever instrumentalities Democrats control, from the university to the Star Chamber. They are coming after you.

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