Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Calls for Lenin Statue To Be Removed

Following the tragedy in Charlottesville, there’s been a renewed call for the removal of confederate monuments. Some cities have been quietly removing theirs (such as Baltimore), and others have seen vigilantes publicly destroy such monuments.

There’s always been a segment of the population that wants these statues removed, so the white supremacist march in Charlottesville acted as a catalyst for that. Despite the passion we’re seeing for removing these monuments, polls show that most Americans view them as symbols of history (albeit a negative side of American history), and do not want them removed.

As you’d expect, there’s a partisan split, with Republicans generally opposing their removal, and Democrats supporting it. It is ironic to see so many people on the Left calling for the removal of statues of famous Democrats – while Republicans argue to keep them.

While what the confederacy stood for was indefensible (and yes – I’m talking about the slavery part, not just general southern pride), there are much more offensive monuments out there. Seattle is home to a statue of communist leader Vladimir Lenin, and there are plenty of useful idiots (as he would put it) who will defend it, despite the mass murders that occurred under his regime.

Surprisingly, Seattle’s far-left mayor is the one calling for its removal.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray expressed his displeasure in a Confederate statue Lake View Cemetery on Wednesday. Now, on Thursday, he’s officially asking for its removal. That and the removal of the Lenin statue in Fremont.

“In the last few days, Seattleites have expressed concerns and frustration over symbols of hate, racism and violence that exist in our city. Not only do these kinds of symbols represent historic injustices, their existence causes pain among those who themselves or whose family members have been impacted by these atrocities. We should remove all these symbols, no matter what political affiliation may have been assigned to them in the decades since they were erected. This includes both confederate memorials and statues idolizing the founder of the authoritarian soviet regime. Both are on private property, but I believe the confederate memorial at Lake View Cemetery and the Lenin statue in Fremont should be removed. We should never forget our history, but we also should not idolize figures who have committed violent atrocities and sought to divide us based on who we are or where we came from.”

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A step in the right direction? You bet.

Historically, communists have done a heck of lot more damage than any racist ever could’ve hoped to.

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