Leftists Claim They Want Revolution, But They Underestimate The Conservative Majority

Revolution is usually used to topple the ruling elite. In this case, the target is the concept of constitutional freedom that is held dear by a broad well-armed sector of society.

What the liberals seek is a complete government executed civil war against conservative-minded citizens. They will use the rule of law in an attempt to beat us down. They will use the much-disdained law enforcement to enact their proposals. And finally, when that doesn’t work, they will utilize the military.

Make no mistake; they want us compliant. They don’t want us gone because we are the producers.


They underestimate the silent majority — we who are cleaning our weaponry, as we watch feral morons destroy things on TV. The reason for our silence isn’t that we’re meek conservatives. They haven’t heard from us, because they haven’t poked us, yet. They will regret it when they do.

Meanwhile, they’re still in their leftist entitlement enclaves crapping in their nests. They have no clue what awaits them in the burbs and boonies.

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As for the job of a federal firearms collector, it will be a high-attrition, suicidal job. A federal firearms collector will probably not be able to get life insurance. As for using the military, I am a retired Army officer. We won’t fire on our people — ever — and if someone did that, he probably wouldn’t be vertical when he arrived back at the barracks.

Maybe the leftist kooks who try to take us on, but not American citizens trying to defend their rights, families, and property.

They do underestimate the majority of America, especially as defenders of our great Nation who have had enough! Also, they underestimate how many blacks are tired of them too!


He did slip up once during his first campaign when he said to someone something like -“Isn’t it better to spread the wealth?” THAT, my friends, was a vast, totally ignored, red flag.

The fundamental transformation didn’t happen that we could see during his tenure, but he indeed laid the foundation and why we see him sticking his nose in it now. It’s happening with this total absurdity of getting rid of the police force in a city as large as Minneapolis.

If it happens, it’s going to be a show like no other we’ve seen in our lifetime. I could say stock up on the popcorn, but it’s too serious for that, so I won’t.

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There are literally hoards of Americans out there who are responsible enough to overlook all of the petty details that have have been thrown at that 15% of us who are the “basket of deplorables.” But we are also willing to defend our lives and beliefs without lives. Hopefully, it will never come to that.

But we are seeing leftist governors and mayors, who have committed to the leftist struggle and are doing all they can to inflict their wrath on those who disagree with them.


A nearby shopping center and my neighborhood were threatened on social media last week. The SWAT team and police here set up barricades and required identification to enter several nights, and police patrolled with spotlights. The small amount of looting that happened never made it this far.

We have a black Democrat mayor and much of the police force is black. They did an excellent job of keeping the events quiet and making sure we were safe. The worst that happened was an ATM was robbed.

I am impressed and genuinely appreciate the job they all did!

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I hope none of us ever have to take the stand to defend our families or country, but it is comforting to hear so many are prepared to do what may be necessary.

My common sense tells me he should win in a landslide. The leftocrats have revealed themselves as anarchists and revolutionaries burning down their cities.

But I’ve been wrong before.



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