LeBron James Blasted As A ‘Coward’ By Pro-Trump UFC Star Amid National Anthem Scandal

LeBron James Colby Covington
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LeBron James is being branded a “coward” by the UFC star Colby Covington after the Los Angeles Lakers star walked out into USC’s arena while the national anthem was being played and immediately took a seat.

Covington Rips James For Bashing America

“If you hate America so much, and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars – leave it,” Covington said on Wednesday night, according to Fox News. “Or come deal with me.”

“Go to China. Go to these sweatshops that you employ all these laborers and use these women and pay them pennies on the dollar to make your millions,” he added. “”F— you LeBron James. You’re a coward. You’re a spineless coward and you’re a b—-.”

This came after video that has since gone viral showed James walking into the Galen Center during the national anthem with his younger son Bryce and two of his Sierra Canyon High School teammates. The NBA star was there to watch his son Bronny make his debut after suffering a cardiac arrest during the summer.

Social media users were quick to notice that James not only sat during much of the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but also kept his hat on. Though James stood towards the end of the video, the damage was already done in the eyes of much of the internet.

“LeBron James casually walks into the basketball arena while the National Anthem is playing and takes a seat,” conservative personality Collin Rugg captioned the video.

“Zero respect for the country that gave him the opportunity to be a basketball star,” Rugg continued. “Zero respect for the country that allowed him to become a billionaire. Zero respect for the men and women who defend our country so he can live his life. Shameful.”

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James Bashes America

James is a known liberal who has bashed America many times over the years. In 2022, James suggested that the WNBA star Brittney Griner shouldn’t even want to come back to America after she was detained by Russia for having marijuana vaping materials that got her sentenced to nine years behind bars before she was freed in a controversial prison exchange.

“Now, how can she feel like America has her back?” James said at the time, according to Daily Wire. “I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’”

Two years before that, James claimed that America is both raised and oppressive.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” James said at the time. “You guys don’t understand. Unless you’re a person of color, you guys don’t understand. I understand you might feel for us. But you will never truly understand what it is to be black in America.”

“No, this is a walk of life,” he continued. “When you wake up and you’re black, that is what it is. It shouldn’t be a movement. It should be a lifestyle. This is who we are. … I don’t like the word ‘movement’ because, unfortunately, in America and in society, there ain’t been no damn movement for us. There ain’t been no movement.”

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Colby Covington Loves America And Trump

In stark contrast to James, Covington is a proud conservative patriot who loves both America and the former President Donald Trump.

“Our streets are burning and we’re sending money to Ukraine, for what?” Covington said last night, according to The Mirror. “What about America? Donald Trump stands for America first, but right now it’s America last. We need to make America great again, 2024 is our last stand. If Donald Trump doesn’t get back in office, this country is done.”

We applaud Covington for speaking out against James for continuing to disrespect the national anthem. It’s both sad and despicable that James still has no respect for America, despite everything that this country has given him.

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