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Reporter Laura Loomer Occupies Nancy Pelosi’s California Home to Protest Immigration

Reporter and activist Laura Loomer has jumped the wall at Nancy Pelosi’s Napa mansion in California to protest her stance on the border wall and her current policy stance on immigration.

Not only did Loomer jump the wall, but she also set up a tent with photos of victims of illegal immigration with “Immorality” emblazoned in red above them.

Daily Beast contributor Will Sommer is on-site and has been documenting Loomer’s migration onto Pelosi’s property.

Sommer reports that Loomer not only jumped the fence, but allegedly attempted to open the doors at Pelosi’s house, which were locked.

Loomer also allegedly didn’t show up alone. She arrived with a number of people in yellow vests. Sommer claims Loomer told him they are undocumented immigrants.

Loomer’s actions appear to show the hypocrisy of not only Nancy Pelosi, but California’s Governor Gavin Newsom who has declared California a sanctuary state.

Will Johnson of Unite America First notes that the police are not detaining the illegals, but instead are only giving them a ticket on instructions from Nancy Pelosi.

After the police arrived and dispersed Loomer and company, they announced they would be taking their tent to California governor Gavin Newsom’s home.

A livestream from Unite America First of Loomer at Nancy Pelosi’s house can be seen below:

What do you make of Laura Loomer’s actions? Do you think this effectively exposes the hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi and Democrats and their current policy on immigration and the southern border wall?