Ingraham’s Ratings Soar As Viewers Show Their Love For Fox News Host

Laura Ingraham Ratings

It’s official – David Hogg’s boycott is a bust.

Not only did Fox News host Laura Ingraham escape unscathed during the intense heat of a leftist boycott, but she came out the other side smelling like a rose. Her ratings are soaring!

For the first time ever, Ingraham bested MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for the coveted 25-54 demographic this past week. “The Ingraham Angle” brought in 2.77 million total viewers and 556,000 in the aforementioned demo, while Maddow’s show drew 2.54 million total viewers and 506,000 in the demo.

The rating boom should be a wake-up call for Fox News. They stayed by Ingraham’s side during a difficult period and are now reaping the rewards for doing so. Staying the course works.

Hogg, you may recall, pitched an epic hissy-fit after Ingraham shared a joke about his inability to gain acceptance into an accredited college following his high school career.

He decided to play up his victim card, demanding that companies boycott her show because she was super mean to him.

At first, it appeared Hogg’s temper tantrum worked.

An onslaught of advertisers jumped ship from Ingraham’s show, all because of a harmless joke she had retweeted about the ‘survivor’ of the Parkland shooting.

Fox News stood their ground with the popular host, issuing a statement which read: “We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts.”

The courage of their convictions has paid off.

Fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity had a good laugh over him and his colleague’s success, pointing out that the network is still smoking their competitors despite losing some very big names over the last couple of years.

“You know, we can’t do this without this audience,” Hannity said. “And thank God––you know, we lost three-quarters of Fox primetime, and we’re still killing it, we’re number one, thank God to this audience.”

Thank you, Sean and Laura, for standing up and fighting back against ridiculous leftist attempts to silence conservative voices.

Are you happy to see Laura Ingraham having such success after the left tried to silence her? Share your thoughts below!