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Laura Ingraham Floats Running for Louisiana Governor

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is hinting at running for governor of Louisiana. She floated the idea during a recent speech in the state.

From Nola.com:

Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry declared that conservative television and radio personality Laura Ingraham would make a “great governor,” less than a week after Louisiana’s largest business group’s decision to hire Ingraham to speak at an event drew criticism.


She also closed her remarks at the LABI meeting by saying that she might buy property in Louisiana and decide to run for governor in 2019. Ingraham has also been discussed as a candidate for statewide office in Virginia where she lives as well.

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Landry asked on Facebook if Ingraham should run for governor.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Ingraham as a governor would be a refreshing change for Louisiana. As one of the first pro-Trump Fox News hosts, she would be aligned with President Trump on key issues like immigration and law and order.

Many on Twitter were not amused by Ingraham’s hints:

Well, it looks like Ingraham will have her work cut out for her if she actually decides to run for governor.

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