Kroger Just Pissed Off Millions Of Second Amendment Supporters In A Big Way


Winning the award for most pointless political posturing is Cincinnati-based supermarket retailer Kroger, which announced Monday that they will no longer sell magazines that feature “assault rifles.”

According to Kroger spokesperson Kristal Howard, “We regularly review the company’s assortment of periodicals and make merchandising decisions based on customer preferences.”

Kroger did not elaborate on how it intends to screen magazines for “assault rifles.” Furthermore, it’s unclear whether the company intends to specifically ban magazines that feature actual military-style “assault rifles,” or whether they’re conflating the term with “assault weapon” – a mistake that the liberal media often makes, and refuses to learn the distinction between the two. Magazines that regularly feature “assault rifles” include Guns & Ammo, Tactical Life, and Recoil. However, magazines like Field & Stream mainly focus on hunting rifles and shotguns.

Notably, the very same day that Kroger announced it will stop selling dangerous and offensive gun magazines, the company also announced that it will phase out all sales of guns and ammunition at its Fred Meyer stores. Of its 130 stores, Fred Meyer sells guns at 45 locations in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Earlier this month, Kroger said they would stop selling guns to anyone under 21. The move goes beyond the current federal law, which permits the sale of rifles to anyone 18 or older.

The decision to stop selling magazines that feature “assault weapons” is absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary. It’s no different than making the argument that violent video games encourage children to shoot their classmates. Print magazines overall are a dying business, but the fact that Kroger opted to specifically stop selling gun magazines proves that it wasn’t so much a business decision but rather a political and social one.

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Source: TheBlaze

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