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84-Year-Old Korean War Vet Kills Home Intruder In One Point-Blank Shot

Jonah Bennett on December 9, 2017

An 84-year-old Korean War veteran killed a home intruder Friday with a single shot right to the chest and is crediting God with his success.

Two robbers tried to break into Korean War veteran Don Lutz’s home early on Friday morning in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, but were quickly dissuaded by some serious firepower.

“Two guys tried to rob me, and I killed one of them,” Don Lutz said, according to WTAE-TV. “Maybe the other one, the bullet hit him, too. I hope so.”

Lutz recounted that he woke up Friday morning at about 1:15 a.m. to the sound of someone breaking into his house. He grabbed his gun, which was stored underneath his pillow, and ran into the two robbers.

“I just fired one (shot). It was in the dark, and he attacked me, and we were close and I shot him,” Lutz said. “I scuffled with them on the floor, and the one guy rolled over dead, and the other guy, he jumped up and he ran out the front door.”

Lutz shot one of the men in the chest at point-blank range.

Lutz has no idea what the robbers targeted his house. Neither of the robbers said anything during the home invasion and ensuing struggle.

While Lutz is somewhat sore from the struggle, he has escaped without any real injuries and credits his success to his Christian faith.

“I’ve never been afraid in my life,” Lutz said. “God has always been with me, and I’m a hard believer in God and Jesus Christ, and God was with me tonight.”

Lutz is not facing any charges for his act of home self-defense.

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