Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has broke his silence after House Republicans voted to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as Republican conference chair.

‘I Stand With Liz’

“I stand with Liz. I’m proud of her,” said Kinzinger. “There’s a lot of people that are proud of her for what’s she done and a lot of people that feel threatened by her, and that’s their decision. But going forward, I think she’s going to be a great leader for this country and for this party.”

When asked about what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said before readying the caucus for the vote, Kinzinger said, “Basically, it’s time to move on from her.” He was then asked if there were any members on the side of Cheney, to which he replied, “I think there were a lot, but we ended up going by voice vote. And the ironic thing it was to show unity.”

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“I’m fully supportive of Liz,” Kinzinger continued. “What happened today was sad. Liz has committed the only sin of being consistent and telling the truth, the truth is that the election was not stolen.”

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Cheney Attacks Trump

Cheney spoke out to blast former President Donald Trump after the vote.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office,” she said. “We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language.”

Trump Fires Back

Trump, however, was not having any of it.

“Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being,” Trump said in a statement, according to Yahoo News. “She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our country. She is a talking point for Democrats, whether that means the border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy.”

Not stopping there, Trump made reference to Cheney’s father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“She is a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our great military, the worst decision in our country’s history,” Trump concluded. “I look forward to soon watching her as a paid contributor on CNN or MSDNC!”

This piece was written by James Samson on May 12, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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