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The Crazy Reason Kim Jong-un Had His Secret Toilet Flown to Trump Summit

If you didn’t know just how strange and paranoid North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is, you will have no doubt after seeing what is his most crazy demand yet.

As Fox News reports, while Kim Jong-un’s motorcade may not be as secure as President Trump’s, Un’s limousine in Singapore is actually a portable toilet in disguise.

Why? Because as Washington Post reporter David Nakamura tweeted (below), the secret toilet is there to stop people from potentially examining Un’s stool samples to examine his current medical state.

A North Korean defector who once served on the North Korean Guard Command has told media outlets that a secret bathroom is carried everywhere Un goes, as a way to prevent foreign intelligence operatives from collecting his excrement.

Other insider sources have confirmed the toilet paranoia, noting that regardless if Un travels by sedan, off-road vehicle, or train, there is always a built-in toilet available for his private use.

As the Daily NK reported in 2013, “The restrooms are not only in Kim Jong Un’s personal train but whatever small or midsize cars he is traveling with and even in special vehicles that are designed for mountainous terrain or snow,” a source in South Pyongan Province privy to the Escort Command tasked with guarding the leader said. “There are multiple vehicles within the convoy so that people cannot tell which one he is in, and there is a separate car that acts as his restroom.”

Former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino explained to Fox News that he witnessed over 50 heads of state being transported during his time protecting presidents and never heard of something like a limousine lavatory.

“If true, it really speaks to the paranoia of the North Korean regime,” Bongino opined.

Here are other examples of how the North Korean dictator has dealt with his shocking paranoia:

* Since taking power in 2011, Kim Jong-un has executed or purged a slew of high-level government officials in what the South Korean government calls a “reign of terror”.

* In December 2013, Kim even had his own uncle Jang Song Thaek executed, as a warning to other officials. He reportedly fell out of favor after advocating economic reform in the impoverished state. He is believed to have been executed by an anti-aircraft gun.

* Then in 2015, the defense minister Hyon Yong Chol, at age 66, angered the North Korean dictator when he fell asleep during a meeting. He was executed by anti-aircraft guns in front of hundreds of North Korean citizens at a military academy near Pyongyang.

* In October 2014, 10 members of the ruling Workers’ party were executed by a firing squad for watching South Korean TV soap operas. They are illegal to watch but very popular on the local black market.

* He also reportedly had an official killed with a flamethrower. (RELATED: Kim Jong-un Sacks North Korea’s Top Military Brass Ahead Of Summit With Trump).

* In 2017, it was reported the Worker’s Party of Korea, which he controls, banned weddings and funerals in the capital Pyongyang during a party congress.

* In 2013, South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported that Kim’s home in Pyongyang is entirely surrounded by a fleet of around 100 armored vehicles, along with mobile phone signal jammers which are also transported to public events in hopes that they stop any possible detonation of bombs.

* Un also reportedly ordered the murder of his own half-brother’s killing.

What do you think about Kim Jong-un’s crazy toilet paranoia? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

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