Kid Rock Doubles Down On Epic ‘F— Oprah Winfrey’ Rant: ‘I Own What I Said!’

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Kid Rock isn’t backing down from comments he made regarding Oprah Winfrey and other left-wing, female celebrities during a drunken rant in 2019, according to a recent interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

In fact, he’s quite proud of them!

According to Kid Rock in Carlson’s new episode titled “Life of a Rockstar,” which is part of his Tucker Carlson Originals series on Fox News’ streaming platform Fox Nation, “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, I own what I said.” 

The remarks that Kid Rock stands by are in reference to a video released by TMZ that shows the singer, in an intoxicated state, repeatedly saying “f— Joy Behar” and “f— Oprah Winfrey” while on stage inside his Nashville bar.

“She [Oprah Winfrey] can suck a d*** sideways.” He was later carried off stage by venue security as seen in the video.

When asked about the situation by Carlson, Kid Rock responded that “I don’t apologize to anybody. I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan.”

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Kid Rock: “I am Uncancelable”

When asked by Tucker why he has yet to be ‘canceled’ for his past comments like so many other celebrities and public figures who have gone against Hollywood and the media’s allowable narratives, Kid Rock stated that he is ‘uncancelable.’

“Because I don’t give a f—” Kid Rock said. “I’m not in bed with any big corporate things at the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to. No record companies, no corporate interests no nothing. You can’t cancel me, I love it when they try.”

Not the First Time Calling Someone Out Publicly 

The animosity towards Behar hasn’t seemed to dissipate over the years since she (along with CNN Anchor Brian Stelter) has appeared in a video montage featured in Kid Rock’s recent concerts in which a series of middle fingers are pointed at her directly.

During an interview on Fox and Friends in 2018, Kid Rock responded to questions regarding his opinion on President Donald Trump’s job performance and the polarizing political and cultural climate, using the opportunity to also drag Trump-critic Joy Behar into the conversation.

“It’s so hard for people just to get past that we can disagree and still be cordial with one another. You know and just talk about things without going for each other’s throats and protesting everything and God forbid you say something a little bit wrong, you’re racist, homophobic, Islamophobic. This, that and the other. People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct. And I would say you know, love everybody,” Kid Rock continued. “Except I’d say screw that Joy Behar b****. Everybody but that.”


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As far as celebrities taking aim at Oprah Winfrey, Kid Rock isn’t the only one wanting to call her out for being far from the genuine figure her brand and media empire have conceived.

Actress Rose McGowan called out Oprah on Twitter in 2021 stating that it appeared wrong and opportunistic for Winfrey to produce a #MeToo focused documentary (which she later stepped down from) despite her friendship with the now-infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

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