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Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Offices Attacked by Vandals

Vandals attacked the offices of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, throwing a boulder through a window and making off with computer equipment. The attack comes just two weeks before the midterm election, leading many to suspect that it’s a part of a growing sense of anxiety among Democrats.

Yesterday, we covered a brand new NBC/WSJ poll that shows races across the country tightening as we hit the last two-week stretch before the midterm elections. Democrats still hold an advantage on the general ballot, but Republicans are closing the gap. Additionally, President Trump’s approval rating is at one of its highest points in his presidency.

If this election is going to be a referendum on Trump, then Democrats can’t be pleased with his high approval numbers. (RELATED: New NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Slight Gains for Republicans Ahead of Midterms.)

Democrat violence follows poll gains by Republicans

The recent approval gains by Republicans may be why the Democrats’ slow descent into madness has sped up. Last week, we saw a number of attacks perpetuated by radical Democrat activists against Republican candidates. First, a female GOP campaign manager in Nevada was attacked by an activist linked to billionaire left-wing patron George Soros. (RELATED: Soros-Linked Dem Operative Arrested After Attacking Female GOP Campaign Manager.)

Then, two Republican candidates in Minnesota were assaulted by crazed liberal activists. State Representative Sarah Anderson was assaulted after confronting a man destroying yard signs and candidate Shane Mekeland was sucker-punched in a restaurant. (RELATED: Two GOP Candidates Assaulted in Minnesota – Including Female Representative.)

Violent Democrat activists’ next target: Kevin McCarthy

Now, another violent incident was captured on camera, this time at the offices of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is the Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. To be clear: We don’t know if these perpetrators are liberals or simply hooligans looking for a score. Still, coincidences don’t exist in politics, and it’s only oh-so convenient that the offices of the Majority Leader were targeted.

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McCarthy posted the pictures of the perpetrators on his Instagram account:

This is getting out of hand. Rep. McCarthy isn’t just another Republican lawmaker. He’s the Majority Leader. And he’s also the favorite to be Speaker of the House after Paul Ryan’s retirement, should Republicans keep control of the House.

Paul Ryan has endorsed McCarthy. (RELATED: Paul Ryan Endorses Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.) And his biggest possible rival, Whip Steve Scalise, isn’t running against him. (RELATED: Steve Scalise Says He Won’t Run Against Kevin McCarthy For Speaker Of The House.)

Former House Freedom Caucus Chairmen Jim Jordan is running an insurgency candidacy to the right of McCarthy for the Speaker’s gavel, but it’s unclear if he has a chance to win.

In all likelihood, McCarthy will be the Republican leader after the fall elections. That makes the newest attack against McCarthy’s office all the more heinous.

Once these men are identified, we’ll have an idea about their motives. But the fact remains that increased violent rhetoric on the Democrat side is resulting in more violent behavior towards public Republican figures.