Massive Backlash Forms Against Keurig After Hannity Boycott

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Keurig, the company behind the k-cup coffee maker, has found itself at the center of immense backlash after pulling its ads from Sean Hannity’s radio show. They pulled the ads themselves after a public campaign from the left-wing media watch dog Media Matters for America targeted Hannity’s sponsors.

Keurig officially announced they’d be pulling their ads in response to some random liberal Twitter user named Donna.

And just like that, they’ve sealed their fate.

It’s never a good sign when a tweet has more comments than retweets (because people are much more likely to comment when they disagree), and it showed in the responses to Keurig.

According to USA Today, four other companies ceased advertising on Hannity’s radio show as a result of the campaign;, 23 and Me, Eloquii, and Nature’s Bounty.  “None of the companies cited Hannity’s coverage of the allegations against Roy Moore as the reason that they had pulled their ads. However, the companies took to social media to announce that they were not advertising with the show, after Twitter users called for them to distance themselves from the show.”

Like Keurig, 23 and Me claimed that it was inquiries via Twitter that led to their eventual decision. It’s a bit bizarre how some loudmouths on Twitter have more authority over these company’s marketing departments. You’d think someone in management would be aware that it’s often a loud minority who are taking part in such coordinated political campaigns (in this case, to deprive Hannity of his sponsors), and not representative of their customer base as a whole.

Because they really ticked that customer base off. A number of Keurig customers have been creating the famous “printer scene” from the movie “Office Space” and taking their Keurigs to the woodshed, then posting the videos on Twitter.

We’d recommend that anyone with fiscally conservative leanings opt to sell their Keurig in protest rather than breaking it. As entertaining as it is to watch, Keurig makes all of their money from their k-cups, not the machines themselves. And besides, if you already bought one of their machines, they already have your money.

In what’s likely going to be a more effective campaign, a number of conservatives have taken to demanding the company re-advertise on Hannity. If Media Matters could convince them to remove it, certainly Hannity’s fans can convince them to reverse their decision.

So to recap: The NFL is now political because of Anthem protests, pizza is now political because Papa John’s spoke out against the protest, and now even coffee is politicized! When will the craziness end?

Keurig has responded to the accusations online:

It sure doesn’t sound like they’ve reversed their decision to me.

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