Kenosha Riots Intensify Into Gun Fights: 2 People Shot Dead, 1 Wounded

kenosha shooting

Riots and counterprotests have led to shots being fired in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as two people are confirmed dead and another wounded.

Uncontrolled rioting has been raging since Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot by police. The popular narrative that Blake was “breaking up a fight between two women” seems to be unraveling.

Police scanner audio reveals that Blake was trespassing and took a woman’s keys, and police officers were advised before the confrontation that had a warrant for a violent felony and two misdemeanors.

Blake is also reportedly facing a rape charge in Kenosha, and has a history of domestic battery and endangering the life of a child.

Video of the incident that kicked off the riots appears to show Blake ignoring commands from Wisconsin police officers, physically fighting with them, and then lunging into his vehicle on the driver’s side.

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Violence and Gunfire Erupts in Kenosha Shooting

Police are investigating whether a clash between anti-cop agitators and “self-styled militias guarding a gas station” were involved in reports of shots being fired with multiple gunshot victims.

Scanner chatter indicated the presence of “anti-rioter” groups in the area brandishing long rifles.

Video emerged of one armed individual fleeing from several protesters who will no doubt be described as ‘peaceful’ in the media. A couple of individuals take a swing at the man, and he eventually trips.

Perhaps not wanting a repeat of what happened to another man in Portland, he opens fire.

WARNING: The following video is graphic and disturbing.

Another video shows a rioter being “shot in the head.”

For context, investigative reporter Drew Hernandez tweeted that the victim was allegedly “attempting to vandalize or burn the (car) dealership down.”

“Before this shooting took place, the rioters were planning to burn down their ‘next car dealership,'” he added.

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This Has Been Brewing

With Democrat lawmakers – at best allowing this kind of violence in their cities, and at worst, encouraging it – it was only a matter of time before some equally amped up counterprotester stepped in and engaged in vigilante actions.

The Trump administration claims Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers turned down federal help to quell the violence in Kenosha.

“We have a National Guard standing by that if the general for the National Guard needs additional help, we’re there to do it,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Tuesday night. “But today, that request was denied by the governor.”

“Kenosha Police and local leaders on Tuesday asked the governor for 750 National Guard troops,” APG Media of Wisconsin reported. “The governor sent 250.”

Shaun King, a major figure in Black Lives Matter and former surrogate for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, has been adding fuel to the Kenosha violence, admitting that the ‘peaceful protests’ are designed for a “complete dismantling of American policing.”

And just like that, you have people arming and defending themselves as police departments are handcuffed and a Democrat governor refuses to send enough help.

It will probably get worse. Here is King promising to name police officers in Kenosha “who may or may not” have shot Blake, in an attempt to send violent rioters to their homes.

This is what Democrats – from top to bottom – want.

As for those who were protecting businesses in Kenosha last night, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh sums it up best.

“People have every right to protect private property while armed,” Walsh tweeted. “If you attack armed men because you’re mad that they’re stopping you from lighting buildings on fire, and then you get shot in the process, it’s 1000 percent your own fault.”

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