Reporter Compares Trump To North Korean Dictator, Kellyanne Conway Immediately Puts Him In His Place

Kellyanne Conway

CNBC reporter Joe Kernen made a wild comparison between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President-elect Donald Trump that immediately drew the ire of adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Kernen somehow managed to equate a certifiable dictator with control of a nuclear arsenal to Trump because he uses social media effectively to convey a message about his past campaigns or his future presidency.

Not even vaguely comparable.

What really set Conway off is that Kernen referred to Trump as “a crazy man.”

“He’s not a crazy man,” she shot back. “He’s the President of the United States.”

Bam. Check out the exchange below …

Via NTK Network:

CNBC’s Joe Kernen asked Conway about Trump’s use of Twitter to deliver his message to the American people, and if other people on the Trump transition consult Trump when he tweets. Kernen was specifically asking Conway about a tweet Trump sent out regarding General Motors on Tuesday morning.

“I’m not one to disclose specific information like that, that’s confidential,” Conway informed Kernen. “I will talk about Twitter and his social media platforms generally, Joe. That’s going to continue, because he has combined 44 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.”

Kernen responded by comparing Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un: “You’ve got Andrew worried again. He thinks you’ve got a crazy man over in North Korea with ICBMs. Now you’ve got a crazy man here tweeting whatever comes to mind without any due diligence with advisers.”

Conway quickly responded, “I don’t think we want to compare North Korea’s leader to our president, and he’s not a crazy man. He’s the President of the United States.”

Conway went on to explain the real reason why the mainstream media doesn’t like Trump using social media – because it renders them completely irrelevant.

“In terms of delivery,” she explained, “he cuts through and goes right over the media.”

“That’s why the media don’t like it, because he communicates directly to the American people, the way he did during the campaign,” Conway said.

Regardless of that spot-on analysis, tweeting thoughts on social media does not compare to the actions of the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Advice to Mr. Kernen: You can’t get bush league comparisons – comparisons that you’d expect more from left-wing low-information voters than journalists – past someone with the sharp wit of Kellyanne Conway.

Whether you like it or not, Trump is indeed the next President of the United States. Maybe consider showing some respect.

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