Nick Givas on November 7, 2018

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump spoke to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Tuesday night and there was no mention of “investigations” or “subpoenas” during their conversation.

“The president had many phone calls. And he, including with Nancy Pelosi who somehow on the phone didn’t mention investigations and subpoenas — didn’t mention that in her comments last night,” Conway said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

Conway said Trump made history by helping the GOP make significant gains in the Senate and retaining control in several gubernatorial races.

“Who knows who the Democrats will choose her as their leaders in the House because even though they’ve won a few seats here and there, this president has made history yet again last night,” she continued.

“In the last 80 years the party in power has only picked up eight Senate seats. And last night the president through his leadership and his engagement on the ground for these candidates again and again, has produced at least three new Senate seats. So, eight over the last 80 years — three, possibly five as the count still goes on. That’s truly historic,” she said.

Conway also said Trump was able to showcase how influential his endorsement is and claimed Republicans who refused to stand with him lost because of it.

“I just think that the president has put everybody in a great position to talk about this historic economy. And there’re a number of candidates who seemed allergic to the president on the Republican side,” she said. “They didn’t want him to campaign for them. They lost last night.”

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