DNC Vice Chair Says Women Are Dying Because Democrats Aren’t Being Elected

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Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) made the alarmist and absolutely ridiculous claim during a speech Friday that “women are dying because we are losing elections.”

No, this is not a satire about how helpless Democrats believe women are. Those words actually came out of Ellison’s mouth:

“Did you know that in Missouri and in Texas and maybe other places maternal mortality has risen?” Ellison asked attendees of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee National Candidate Training forum. “Women are dying because we are losing elections. We don’t have the right to lose a damn election. We have to win.”

According to a report from NPR and ProPublica, maternal mortality is indeed on the rise in America. But there’s absolutely no evidence to support that it’s happening because Democrats aren’t winning elections, and to relate the two is absolutely absurd. Furthermore, maternal mortality has increased since 1990, meaning that it’s been happening through both Republican- and Democrat-control of Congress and the White House.

Unfortunately, Ellison’s claim is the mindset of a typical big government liberal. Democrats don’t believe people are at all capable of thinking or doing anything for themselves, and they believe that women and minorities are especially incompetent. Ironic, considering they champion themselves as the party of women and minorities.

But let’s pretend for a second that Ellison’s claim is correct, and let’s also pretend that Hillary Clinton’s statement that women voters – specifically, married white women voters – can’t think for themselves is also correct. Would that mean that Democrats believe women are killing themselves by not voting Democrat?

Sounds about right.

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