Kayleigh McEnany Slams Playboy Reporter For ‘Misogynistic Questions’

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out Playboy reporter Brian Karem for what she described as "demeaning, misogynistic questions."

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out Playboy reporter Brian Karem for what she described as “demeaning, misogynistic questions.”

The accusation marks an ironic twist against a media that consistently portray any member of the Trump administration as misogynist for even the most minor of criticisms toward female reporters and/or political adversaries.

McEnany made the charge in an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning.

“If you’re a female woman in the Republican Party who takes that podium, guess what your worry is? Having a Playboy reporter shout questions at you, demeaning, misogynistic questions during a briefing,” she fumed.

The press secretary even suggested an investigation into Karem’s behavior.

“It’s a double standard. It’s one that’s ridiculous,” a smoldering McEnany continued.

“And one that the White House Correspondents’ Association should look into, when you have Playboy reporters shouting at women in a misogynistic manner simply because they’re a member of the GOP.”

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Playboy Reporter Brian Karem Has a Long History of Outrageous Behavior Towards McEnany

Karem just weeks ago was seen repeatedly shouting questions to McEnany about President Trump’s refusal to concede. His behavior bordered on harassment.

Toward the end of that press conference, Karem condescendingly asked the press secretary if she understood basic things.

“Do you understand the definition of sedition? Do you understand that he lost?” Karem shouted, struggling to understand the concept of professionalism.

The Playboy reporter turned to his frat boy followers on Twitter for affirmation of his awesomeness, sharing the video of his performance.

This past summer, the activist reporter shouted at McEnany to put on a mask. 

“Hey, Kayleigh, put on a mask!” he yelled as she departed the press briefing room.

Two things to note here:

  • One, Karem likes to wait until McEnany is walking away for some of his more obnoxious questions.
  • Two, no conservative outlet would have escaped criticism if they yelled at a female Democrat to put on a mask.


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The Playboy Reporter Fires Back

Karem fired back at McEnany in a manner you’d expect from the low-level wannabe journalist.

“Lame,” Karem captioned the video. “Speaking truth to power is not misogyny. You work for a misogynist. Your briefings are propaganda. You failed the American people who pay your salary. You’re sore because you can’t answer questions honestly.”

‘Truth to power’ is not something the Playboy reporter, or nearly any other reporter in that briefing room, can lay claim to.

Karem is an attention whore. Nothing more, nothing less.

Compare the Playboy reporter’s behavior to what gets Republicans accused of misogyny.

Remember the debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris? Simply speaking up to combat lies being told by Harris got Pence slapped with the misogynist label.

The BBC reported that Pence interrupting Harris was an example of “women struggling for air time, or being interrupted by men in work situations.”

The Mercury News labeled Pence’s behavior as an example of “sexist norms.”

USA Today pushed the idea that the entire display was both sexist and racist.

In a more direct comparison – How many times has President Trump been accused of misogyny for daring to interrupt or raise his voice towards a female reporter as Karem does?

Karem’s behavior is far worse than anything the President has dished out. Why? Because Karem doesn’t shout these questions to male members of the administration, whereas Trump’s ‘rough around the edges’ approach applies to everyone.

Well, there was that one time that Karem went after Ted Cruz.

His children, anyway …

Real tough guy there.

“I told them when they put this guy here, it’s nothing but trouble,” President Trump said of Karem at a media briefing earlier this year. “He’s a showboat.”

And not a very talented one at that.

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