Record Featuring Pro-Trump Kaya Jones Wins Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album

Christian singer Jason Crabb took the honors for this

By Tom Joyce | February 10, 2019

Although left-wing and anti-Trump politics have been at the forefront of Grammy Awards shows over the past few years, one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent supporters was a part of a major achievement this year.

Several media outlets, including Rolling Stone, released the complete list of winners for the 61st annual Grammys hours before the show began.

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The lists revealed that Christian singer Jason Crabb’s album “Unexpected” won the top honor for Best Roots Gospel Album.

What makes this so unique is that the album features pop singer Kaya Jones, a vocal Trump supporter.

On the fifth song of the album called, “Let It Be Love,” the conservative and former Pussycat Doll sings in a collaboration with Crabb.

Clearly excited by the Grammy news, Jones tweeted about it.

“We @JasonCrabbMusic won the Grammy @RecordingAcad [heart emoji] [praying emoji]  God is amazing! #GrammyWinner,” she wrote.

In addition to her music career, Jones currently serves as the Native-American ambassador for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

Politically, she has consistently made clear she is pro-Trump, pro-military, pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-border security.

She opposes the left-wing thought bubble that dominates most of the entertainment industry.

Last October, she tweeted, “How are guns bad but abortions are good? The women telling you to get an abortion are the same women telling you the right to bear arms is wrong. So it’s OK to kill babies just not ok to defend yourself against abusers? Makes absolutely no sense.”

Back in November, she tweeted of congressional Democrats, “Wait, let me get this straight … You all are offering $1.6 billion for our border wall and security but had no problem giving Iran $150 billion and $1.8 billion in cash. I think the American people ‘TRUMP’ Iran.”

“Now give us our funding for the wall! #BUILDTHEWALL #BuildTheWallNow.”

And last month, Jones tweeted at the president, “Thank you for putting the American people first, Mr. President!!”

Having Jones as part of a winning album is definintely a change in the normal anti-Trump agenda the show sets forth.

After all, last year’s show featured a video cameo of 2016 presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton.

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In it, she read a passage of Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump, “Fire and Fury” book; and during the same award show, rapper Kendrick Lamar endorsed Jay-Z — an anti-Trump rapper and friend of former President Barack Obama — for president in 2020.

To see what happened at last year’s Grammy Awards, check out this video:

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. He covers sports, pop culture, and politics and has contributed to The Federalist, Newsday, and other outlets.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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