Kathy Griffin Hit With Crushing Blow As Trump Caravan Descends On Her NY Comedy Show

Kathy Griffin
Source YouTube: Freedom News TV, CBS News

Kathy Griffin was humiliated on Sunday night when a Trump caravan showed up at her comedy show in Huntington, New York in the latest stop on her “My Life on the PTSD List” tour.

Trump Caravan Descends On Griffin Show

Huntington Now reported that the caravan was made up of 17 vehicles that were decked out with Trump or American flags, with many of them also holding signs that denounced both Griffin and President Joe Biden.

The Trump caravan drove up and down in front of the Paramount theater, blasting horns, sounding music and shouting during Griffin’s standup comedy performance. One vehicle shook a cowbell while another blasted an incredibly loud locomotive horn in an effort to make as much noise as possible to ruin Griffin’s show.

Many taking part in the protest slammed Griffin for her infamous 2017 photoshoot in which she held up the simulated severed and bloodied head of the then-President Donald Trump. One sign read “Kathy Griffin, PTSD is not comical” in reference to the comedian claiming that she suffers from PTSD from the fallout over her Trump photo.

Much to Griffin’s chagrin, the protest appears to have been a success, as many gathered on the sidewalks to cheer on the Trump caravan.

Check out the protest for yourself in the video below.

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Griffin Promoted This Protest

After seeing how big the protest got, Griffin likely regretted egging the protesters on earlier in the day by posting a sign promoting the caravan to her Instagram page.

“This is the protest that is planned for my show tonight in Huntington, Long Island,” Griffin wrote in the caption. “I anxious to see what this group of losers has in mind.”

Newsweek reported that Griffin also took to Instagram to post a video promoting the protest.

“This is Jonah Box. Good morning from the America First Warehouse, the most patriotic place on the planet,” a man could be seen saying in the video as he stood in front of a painting depicting a muscular Trump.

“Donald Trump, our great president,” he continued. “Remember when he was running for president? There was this really funny comedian, Kathy Griffin. She’s coming to New York—coming to Huntington. Guess what? We’ll be outside.”

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Griffin Warns Of ‘Nazis’ With No Proof

“You guys, you got to watch this guy. I heard there’s a patriot protest at my show tonight, which could be Nazis,” Griffin said in a video response, of course ffering no evidence to back up the protest being made up of Nazis.

“If I know my audience members, they’ll probably be just posing and taking pictures with these fools,” she added. “And I don’t know how many of them are gonna show up. But, you know, it’s regarding a certain photo I took nearly seven years ago that they can’t get over.”

“My head looks kind of cute though,” Griffin wrote in the caption, not offering any evidence to back up this false claim either.

Griffin might want to think twice before promoting protests against her own shows, as this may have only encouraged even more of the many patriots who despise her to take part!

Liberals like Griffin love to promote protests such as this one when they are against conservatives. When they’re targeted by protests themselves, however, they simply can’t take the heat.

Good for the Trump caravan for reminding Griffin that there are still millions of patriots out there who have no interest in tolerating her radically liberal nonsense!

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