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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Erica Ling says:

    The donkey is descended from the wild Asian ass. Was that the reason the Democratic Party chose it as a symbol ?.

  2. Stephen says:

    Harris will have trouble explaining her sordid history with Willie Brown. She was 29 years old and he was 60 when they began their affair — which he pursued openly while married. This led to him appointing her to different high-paying jobs. Will be hard to explain all of that!!

  3. George says:

    I observe that more and more women want to run for high offices. Till now I do not hear anything what get some sense and logic from these women.Just their imagination runs to legendary Amazons and they just want to give orders to other people and they think it would be very good to rule and create a fantasy world , where everybody would follow their absurd. No, thanks, they start using profanity, stupidity ,immorality ,create hatred,violence and destroying everything what is call “humanity.

  4. klazy50 says:

    Kamala always has a look on her face of complete meme. She will suffer the same take down as many before her. she thinks just because she was the AG of CA once that will give her a foot up on everyone else.

    1. Erica Ling says:

      She probably assumes she has the requisite appeal to Progressive voters. Female, black, ? LGBTQ.Disabled, Perhaps she uses disabled parking spaces, so identifies.

  5. MikeyParks says:

    In a merit-based world, Kamala would be trimming toenails in a retirement home.

  6. Larry says:

    Harris is crooked and Racists

  7. klazy50 says:

    So she didn’t know what an aide was doing and that is very much a lie. The staff would know and would pass it on if they thought it would be a problem for Kamala. So she was AG for CA and I’m sure there are many more lies to be found with as much staff that she had. This is just the beginning.

  8. Sandy says:

    Doesn’t anyone know what a “natural born citizen” is, any more? One MUST be born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and a citizen mother. Birth in the U.S. is not enough by itself to be a natural born citizen. Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, CA in 1964. Her mother, from India, came here to live in 1960. Her Jamaican father came here to live in 1961. They had not lived in the U.S. long enough to have become naturalized citizens prior to Kamala’s birth. The only claim she has to U.S. citizenship is through the 14th Amendment, which does not and cannot make anyone a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution for the presidency and vice presidency! All other offices may be filled by natural born, native born or naturalized citizens, but ONLY someone born here to parents who are themselves, citizens, is eligible for the top two offices. Obama was never eligible because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen! The Constitution is more important than any political party or candidate. Even Pres. Trump’s children, 4 out of the 5, are not eligible because Don, Jr., Ivanka and Eric were all born in NY, but their mother Ivana didn’t become a naturalized citizen until after they were born. Barron was born prior to Melania becoming a naturalized citizen. Abide by the Constitution, or we will lose it!

  9. JoAnn says:

    As another CLUELESS Leftist LOON from the land of fruits and nuts, Kamala Harris is no more fit to be President than your average one-celled paramecium. Or Elizabeth Warren. Pretty much synonymous!

  10. D Chris says:

    No way is she qualified to run for high office in 2020; she slept her way up the ladder in CA to get where she is now, and she has already shown her incompetence in her present position. She will fold faster than a bad card table. California, please stop sending these bimbos to D.C.

  11. James says:

    “… clown car of a primary …”

    I could not have phrased it better. The democrats are fielding more Bozos than usual this time around. I love it.

  12. Wayne says:

    The sexual misbehavior will not be a problem because the DemSoc party controls that narrative
    The corrupt practices will not stop her, either, because the media controls that narrative. The only thing that can insure her defeat is if enough people who care about the US can become engaged and vote.

  13. Deplorable Voice of Reason says:

    Unlike her current situation, I don’t think humping Willie Brown will help her get to the WH……..

  14. Jonathan says:

    They should put an actual donkey (the symbol of their party) into the mix. It would poll better and make fewer gaffes.

    1. Kkmoderate says:

      Great minds! I was going to suggest a pup from animal control because at least it would get the animal and sympathy vote. I like the donkey better.

    2. Erica Ling says:

      Couldn’t make a bigger ass of itself, could it ?

  15. Larry says:

    Crooked Harris will not win

  16. Jim says:

    these wack jobs from sicko frisco think the rest of the country is going to vote for them without them lying thru their teeth – she is a full fledge socialist in the democratic party and the mid west folks will turn their backs on this creature

  17. 173rdHerd says:

    As Attorney General of California, Harris was instrumental in shielding illegals from prosecution even for the ultimate crimes of rape and murder. Her legacy played out after Christmas with an Illegal gang member killing a police officer. She should be sued and put in jail for harboring fugitives and for the unlawful death of this policeman.

    1. Gizmo says:

      this woman should be in jail for her actions as AG. also sexual assaults in her office. Claims she knew nothing about! If you believe that I can sell you a bridge.

  18. Duane says:

    Good! Let the Dems waste money over the next couple of years,

    1. James says:

      Amen to that!

  19. Ron says:

    This is sexist and their are very few women jn politics who have the ability to lead a nation. If havimg a big loud mouth, the ability to lie and point the finger at others, complete disregard for God, our constitution, and those who would elect you are attributes, many would qualify. We have in office now, the greatest president this country has ever had and he even surpasses the great feats of Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. We had one woman in resent years who ran for vice president with traitor John McCain running for President and she would make a great President. Hillary was a dud, a cheater, liar, and she has a lot of experience but she is a very corrupt woman that has been involved as a traitor and with crimes that range from extortion to murder. No woman thinking of running for President at this time has any idea of what the job requires and all fall away short. Liberals go against our cointry and seek a one world government, no borders, and most have no morals. They would rapidly take our country into being a third world country and destroy all that has made America great

  20. Ronald says:

    Trump will mop the floor with her and Warren. By then wars will be ended, Trade booming along with our economy, illegal immigration will be under control and Americans will not want the Democrats socialism, globalism, higher taxes, and economic demise.

    1. James says:

      Yes, but don’t tell these democrats that until after they’ve wasted a lot of supporter’s money on their doomed campaigns – just like Michael “Master-Beta” O’Rourke did in the Texas Senate election this past year.

  21. James says:


    1. Sandy says:

      Thank you, James! I’m so glad to see someone else here who knows what a natural born citizen is!

    2. Erica Ling says:

      Obama managed in. Seems your Constitution is highly flexible in certain circumstances !

  22. Albert says:

    The more the merrier.

  23. Susan says:

    Conduct your research into how she got into her position – on her back. As a woman that infuriates me as it places a bad light on all women that want to succeed up the ladder.

    1. Erica Ling says:

      What ethical examples ! Warren abuses positive discrimination with a sob story. Harris advances politically in the horizontal position . I thought Europeans were bad enough.

  24. Greg says:

    Candidate supports sexual harassment by her staff, what could be wrong with that? :-)

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