Kamala Harris Reportedly Running for President

California Senator Kamala Harris has reportedly decided to run for president, joining what many think will be a crowded 2020 Democrat field.

Harris joins a crowded field

Though it’s only January of 2019, Harris isn’t the first high-profile Democrat to announce her intention to run for president. Massachusetts Senator and racial chameleon Elizabeth Warren announced her campaign just before the new year, getting out in front of what’s going to be a clown car of a primary.

CBS reports that sources close to Sen. Harris confirmed her intention to run. She will most likely announce her candidacy on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, according to the sources.

Sexual harassment case dogs Harris campaign

Harris’s impending announcement comes just one day after an awkward interview she gave CNN’s Jake Tapper where she defended herself against accusations that her office tried to defend a staffer accused of sexual harassment.

Last month, it was revealed that an aide in her office resigned once it became public that he was accused of sexual harassment. (RELATED: Top Aide to Kamala Harris Abruptly Resigns After Harassment Settlement Surfaces.) The claim actually stemmed from his tenure at the California Department of Justice while Harris was the state’s AG. Harris accepted responsibility for the incident, but maintained that she didn’t know about the case.

Given how focused the Democrat Party is on sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement, a top aide accused of sexual harassment may be enough to torpedo her campaign during what’s going to be a tough primary.

Here’s one thing we do know: If Harris somehow becomes the 2020 Democrat nominee, President Trump will giddily bring up the case over and over again, portraying Harris as a hypocrite masquerading as a warrior for women.

UPDATE – A source close to Harris corrects the record and states that it’s not fully determined Harris will announce her candidacy in Oakland on MLK Day. A formal announcement date isn’t settled. However, the source did not rule out a Harris run, implying that she is planning to launch a campaign.

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