Kamala Harris Vows ‘Your Loans Will Be Completely Forgiven’ Even ‘If You Didn’t Graduate’

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When the Biden administration tried to bail out student loans the first time, the Supreme Court struck it down.

Now they’re trying again. Vice President Kamala Harris is promising that student loans will be “completely forgiven” no matter how much debt recipients have. Forgiveness will even apply to students who didn’t graduate.

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No Matter What, Harris Swears Your Education Debt Will Be Forgiven

As President Joe Biden rolls out his new plan to reduce or cancel student loan debt for roughly 30 million people, Harris is applauding the decision, of course, by making some pretty bold promises.

“Your loans will be completely forgiven regardless of income, and even if you didn’t graduate,” Harris said.

“We don’t pay our teachers nearly what they deserve in terms of the value that they give to our society as a whole,” Harris said Monday in Philadelphia. “Many are silently struggling with student loan debt.”

(According to the National Education Association, average teacher salary is over $66,000 – compared to an overall average salary of just over $59,000.)

Biden had just announced his plan to transfer partial or full student loan balances from borrowers to taxpayers.

The Washington Examiner reports, “To qualify, debt holders must be in one of five groups, those whose balances are greater than what they originally borrowed, those with loans that were taken out decades ago, those whose loans were used to enroll in ‘low-financial-value programs,’ those who are eligible for relief programs but have not applied, and those who are experiencing ‘hardship paying back their loans.”

“Public servants received an average of $70,000 in debt relief in the administration’s initial effort, according to the White House,” the Examiner noted.

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These are Your Taxpayer Dollars Team Biden is Pledging Toward Student Debt Forgiveness

“You shouldn’t have to make a decision whether you serve or be able to pay your bills,” Harris said on Monday.

“Your country needs you and we are benefitting in profound ways because of the sacrifice and the work you all do every day,” she added.

Some called this a desperate attempt for Biden’s campaign to reconnect with younger voters, which polls show it is shredding.

So it should be no surprise the vice president is pledging your taxpayer dollars to fix others’ problems of their own making.

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