Kamala Harris Acceptance Speech Shows Duplicated Videos of Supporters

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) appears to have re-used duplicated images of cheering fans after Kamala Harris accepted her party’s nomination for Vice President. The attendee-free convention only has spectators watching online.

As Harris concluded her speech, what followed was a brief but awkward pause as music slowly faded in and cameras panned to a giant screen of about 30 supporters.

Harris is seen waving to the screen of adoring fans.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed something strange about the people the DNC chose to celebrate Harris’ big moment.

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Computer Glitch or Fake Viewers?

What was so odd about the rows of people applauding Harris’ historic nomination? The fact that there weren’t really 30 of them.

Deputy Director of Communications for the Trump campaign Zach Parkinson tweeted, “Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited about Kamala Harris, so they had to duplicate someone’s Livestream (sic).”

He circled two individuals who caught his eye and shared on Twitter.

And it got worse from there …

How thoroughly embarrassing can it possibly get?

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Hollywood Production?

It’s hard to discern whether or not the DNC should get an award for delivering a serious Hollywood production or should be mocked for a grade-school level play night after night.

Duplicating background props is a Pixar-level trick to make crowds or groups of people or animals seem bigger than they are.

Congrats on that, but seriously, you couldn’t find 30 people on your little Zoom conference to fill in the blanks?

Then, of course, there was the deceptively edited video they used which attempted to show President Trump calling immigrant children “animals.”

A solid effort with the cut and paste to distort facts, but did they really think nobody would notice?

As for the grade school-level production, how about Barack Obama practically duplicating a line from the movie Gladiator?

Or, you know, whatever the hell this debacle was …

Go ahead and watch that Harris clip again. Aside from the duplicate Zoom viewers, can somebody explain what in the seventh circle of Hades Kamala and the Bidens are pointing to?

There isn’t anybody in the audience!

The DNC is Such a Disaster It’s Helping Trump

The garbage emanating from your television screens thanks to the DNC has been so bad that rather than helping Joe Biden and Harris, President Trump is actually getting a bump in approval numbers.

Rasmussen Reports even published a follow-up tweet saying they had “triple-checked” their numbers and can confirm that President Trump’s job approval is “up sharply.”

“It’s not uncommon for candidates to receive a bump after a national political convention,” one person wrote and Rasmussen shared. “It’s just that usually the convention is their own and not their opponent’s.”

How bad does your convention have to be that you’re actually making things better for your opponent?

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