Just What Makes Hillary Clinton SO Unlikable? This Pulitzer Prize Winner Has the Answer

During a segment on Fox News, Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board and Pulitzer prize winner, explained that Hillary Clinton’s sinking poll numbers are simply because she is a difficult person to listen to, period.

How difficult?

Rabinowitz believes you could glean important information from terrorists if you forced them to listen to her speak.

Watch (relevant portion begins at 1:33) …

Transcript (H/T: The Wall Street Journal):

Gigot: You don’t think she’s a good candidate, Dorothy?

Rabinowitz: That’s right. And I was thinking, for all of these facts, which are really quite relevant—

Gigot: You said the core political skill.

Rabinowitz: The core political skill and the fact this is a person not only who does not light up the room, a person who is difficult to listen to. I used to think if you wanted to extract information from terrorists, put them in a room with Hillary Clinton and force them to listen to a speech and they’ll tell you everything after that.

Another panelist on the segment was equally critical of Clinton. Mary Kissell, a member of the WSJ editorial board, said Clinton “is grating and hard to listen to.”

Kissell added that her low poll numbers can be explained quite easily. “The more you see her (Clinton), the less you like her.”

That said, we’re not quite certain that it amounts to torture. So we’d like to ask our readers here at The Political Insider this simple question: Does this sound torturous to you?

That wasn’t so bad now was it? Trust us, it could be a lot worse. How about listening to it for 10 straight hours.

If you clicked on that link, we apologize for your eventual nightmares and need for counseling.

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