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Judge Napolitano of Fox News Expects Donald Trump Jr. To Be Indicted

Fox News judicial analyst Judge Napolitano expects Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump, to be indicted by Robert Mueller’s team.

Napolitano’s guess on Trump Jr.

The Judge made his remarks on ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams’s radio show. To bolster his case, Napolitano cited Trump Jr.’s recent comments to friends that he expects an indictment any day now.

From the Daily Beast:

During the interview, Napolitano said he believes someone in the president’s inner circle will soon be indicted. “I don’t know who,” Napolitano added. “But I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted.” When asked whether he expects Donald Jr. to be indicted, Napolitano replied: “Yes.”

Roger Stone also suggests a Don Jr. indictment

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who regularly reads The Political Insider. Months ago, we interviewed Roger Stone, a confidant of President Trump’s, who confirmed that he expects Don Jr. to be indicted. (RELATED: Roger Stone Sits Down With The Political Insider.)

We recently brought Mr. Stone back on and asked him for an update on the possible Donald Trump Jr. indictment. Stone revealed that if the President’s son is going to face legal trouble from Mueller, it won’t come from the Russia probe, but rather his role in the notorious payout to Trump’s alleged mistress Stormy Daniels. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Says Donald Trump Jr. Could Be Indicted Over Stormy Daniels Payment.)

Mueller’s indictment gambit

Of course, we won’t know what Mueller will do until he does it. So far, the Special Counsel has been keeping his intentions with the Russia investigation a mystery to outside observers. He recently recommended no jail time for former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn because of his cooperation with his team. However, we’re learning that Flynn’s cooperation may be linked to a separate probe that has nothing to do with Russia. (RELATED: Report Suggests Michael Flynn Is Helping Prosecutors In Turkish Lobbying Probe.)

It’s hard to imagine Donald Trump Jr. cooperating with Robert Mueller in any capacity. That could, in the end, make him a bigger Mueller target.