Judge Kavanaugh Hearings Instantly Descend Into Chaos

The hearings to confirm future Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh began today, and it’s exactly the kind of pointless showboating you’d expect.

There’s essentially a 100% chance that Kavanaugh will be confirmed, so Democrats are merely trying to put as much bureaucracy in front of Republicans as possible to prolong it. Democrats already dumped an unprecedented number of documents on Congressional Republicans prior to the Kavanaugh hearings…. then proceeded to complain as Republicans continued to provide the documents they requested.

Democrats immediately interrupted Sen. Chuck Grassley’s attempts to merely introduce Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings, and within an hour of beginning, Kamala Harris was tweeting about why the hearings should be postponed because they’re not “transparent or fair,” as she called to have the hearing adjourned.

And speaking of interruptions, left-wing protesters also interjected at numerous times. Among those arrested included Women’s March leader and Sharia Law enthusiast Linda Sarsour. In total, over 20 people were arrested within the first hour.

Democrats interrupted more than protesters, leading to the White House keeping a running tally. Those 44 interruptions were from only the first 40 minutes of the hearings.

Protests also continued outside, with usual tactics, like blocking traffic for no reason – or dressing up as characters from their favorite Netflix series.

Ironically, Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy made a comment I initially interpreted as him criticizing his fellow Democrats. He said “I’ve been in the Senate for 19 Supreme Court nominations. What’s being done here is unprecedented … I’m just sorry to see the Senate Judiciary Committee. descend this way.”

However, judging his tweets on the supposedly incomplete vetting of Kavanaugh, that leads me to believe he was defending his fellow Democrats without any self-awareness of his fellow Democrats behavior.

It even got so bad that Kavanaugh’s young children were removed from the hearing because it wasn’t a safe atmosphere, according to the Washington Examiner.

Are Democrats going to try to pretend with a straight face now that it’s Republicans obstructing these hearings?

The arguments that Kavanaugh hasn’t been properly vetted are nonsense. The most “damning” hit pieces published against Kavanaugh have criticized him for purchasing baseball tickets, having credit card debt that was immediately paid off, and having an interest in basketball while in college. If the man’s record truly were tainted, the media’ hit-pieces on him would do more to embarrass Kavanaugh than themselves.

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Some liberals have suggested that Democrats voice their dissent to Kavanaugh’s confirmation by simply walking out of the hearings – and I think we’d all be OK with that. It’s one fewer interruption per minute the adults will have to put up with.

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