Exclusive: Juanita Broaddrick Talks Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and #MeToo Movement

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Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Juanita Broaddrick for The Political Insider.

As regular readers know, Juanita claims she was brutally raped by former President Bill Clinton while he was the Attorney General of Arkansas. She recently wrote about the harrowing assault by the Democrat superstar in her new book, “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton.”

Juanita joined The Political Insider to shed some light not only on the circumstances that lead to her confrontation with Clinton, but also the parallels between when she was assaulted and the kind of sexual crimes women face today by powerful liberal men. Make sure you watch the entire interview below:

Here were the best and most important parts of the interview:

  1. When Juanita went public with her accusation against Bill Clinton, she didn’t do it because she was seeking fame and fortune, despite how the media framed it at the time. She came forward with her story after she was outed in another Clinton sexual abuse case involving Paula Jones. She was forced into telling her story – the exact opposite of how the media portrayed it. Be sure to watch the interview to get the full explanation.
  2. What Juanita went through was similar to what many of the victims of disgraced New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman faced. (RELATED: Court Filings Show Trump Knew About Abuse Allegations Against Eric Schneiderman). Schneiderman was recently exposed for being abusive and downright sadistic towards women, despite his tough talk about President Trump being a misogynist. What many women suffered under Schneiderman was similar to what Juanita suffered, as she too was assaulted by the Attorney General of her state. I thought it was a good parallel.
  3. Juanita doesn’t let Clinton off the hook for his recent interview where he suggested that the norms of what one is willing to do to someone against their will has changed. Anyone living in 2018 knows that Clinton’s comment was revealing of his true feelings about women. But you have to see Juanita’s reaction to see just how ludicrous it is that Clinton can say such a thing and get barely any pushback in the media. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Defends Al Franken, And Has the Freudian Slip of the Century).
  4. This was the most surprising revelation during the interview: Juanita revealed that after her rape, Clinton informed her he was sterile because he had mumps as a kid. This wasn’t the first time Juanita made such a claim. The issue is, the Clintons had their daughter Chelsea two years after Juanita’s encounter. Clearly, Clinton wasn’t sterile, but other accounts show that he worried about sterility and actually consulted with a doctor to get advice on how best to conceive a child. James Stewart’s “Blood Sport,” an expose on the Clinton White House, revealed that the Clintons were in talks with a doctor over trouble conceiving in the late 1970s, around the time of Juanita’s rape (1978). Two ex-Clinton lovers, Dolly Kyle Browning and Gennifer Flowers, both confirmed that Clinton told them he’d always had a problem with conceiving a child. It’s definitely plausible Clinton told Juanita he was sterile. You have to watch her full explanation in the interview.

The interview wasn’t just limited to those four items. We discussed a lot more, including the future of the #metoo movement and how Hillary Clinton personally threatened Juanita!

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