Joy Behar Suggests Forcing Every Student To ‘Repeat The Year’ Due To Pandemic – Immediately Gets Shut Down

Joy Behar

Joy Behar of “The View” fame took to social media over the weekend to suggest that every student be forced to “repeat the year” due to COVID-19. It didn’t take long for this to backfire on her hard.

Behar Calls For In-Person Schooling To Be Abandoned

In Behar’s mind, in-person learning should completely be abandoned this school year.

“Sending kids back to school this year is so fraught with anxiety and uncertainty,” she wrote. “Why not just have everyone repeat the year? Is that such a far out idea?”

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Twitter Users Fire Back

Twitter users immediately fired back by letting Behar know just how ignorant this tweet really was.

“Yes, it is far out to punish the schools and students who have safely reopened by arbitrarily making them repeat the year,” one person said, with another adding mockingly,“Regression is the progressive way.”

“Absolutely not. I’m a teacher and have busted my back teaching this year virtually and that is like telling all of us nothing we do right now matters, and it was all for nothing,” a third internet user responded, with another person mocking, “Living is so fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Why not just have everyone stop living? Is that such a far out idea?”

“My kids went back in August and not 1 case. Now we have kids out there committing suicide not to mention what their home life is like. Send them back to school. As the dems say…. Follow the science!!” another Twitter user said.

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Impact Of Abandoning In-Person Schooling

Some school districts across the country have begun in-person learning again, but others have not. The impact of abandoning in-person learning has already been felt in a big way.

“School districts from coast to coast have reported the number of students failing classes has risen by as many as two or three times — with English language learners and disabled and disadvantaged students suffering the most,” The Associated Press reported.

Perhaps Behar should have kept her thoughts and feelings on this subject to herself.

This piece was written by James Samson on February 1, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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