Joy Behar is without a doubt one of the most intolerant figures on cable television, a fact she proved outright when she recently erupted and proclaimed, “As a Democrat, I am offended by Republicans!”

It all started when Behar and her Republican co-host on The View, Meghan McCain, got into a heated debate over fired White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter. Behar mocked White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for saying he was “shocked” about the domestic abuse claims against Porter, which McCain felt was disrespectful toward Porter’s ex-wives. The two became so incensed with each other that one source described it as “Rosie [O’Donnell] versus Elizabeth [Hasselbeck] 2.0.”

The source added, “It just escalated out of nowhere and everyone backstage and in the control room totally freaked out initially. If you think it was uncomfortable watching it on TV, imagine being in the studio audience and the staff behind the scenes.”

Watch the fight below:

Wow. Kudos to McCain for taking Behar to task!

After the blow-up, both McCain and Behar retreated to their respective dressing rooms. Behar reportedly told producers, “I’m sick of Meghan’s bulls**t. This s**t has to stop,” and “If she doesn’t want to work here let her a** go. If I hear her say ‘my father’ one more time on this show, I’m going to puke on live TV.”

Tell us how you really feel, Joy.

Meanwhile, sources claim that McCain told producers, “I can’t believe she said she’s offended by all Republicans. Who does she think she is?”

She thinks she’s better than Republicans, clearly.

Despite the obvious tensions between Behar and McCain, however, producers reportedly have no intentions of replacing either of them. Ratings for The View have gone up tremendously since adding McCain. According to the source, “Meghan may be hell to work with, but people are tuning in each day to see which co-host she’s going to have a fight with next.”

More like they’re tuning in to see whom she holds accountable next.

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