On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” cohost Joy Behar took a shot at Eric Trump, saying that she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have a conservator if the singer Britney Spears does.

‘The View’ Discusses Britney Spears

After it was announced that Spears was being given the freedom to choose her own attorney as she fights her father’s conservatorship over her, Behar said that she’s glad to see the singer getting some freedom over her life.

Her conservative cohost Meghan McCain began by saying that Spears’ family members were partly to blame for her situation.

“If this were happening to a family member of mine, I would have beaten a door down and done anything possible to remove them from that situation. None of them did enough … Go to hell, everyone,” McCain said.

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Behar Sounds Off 

That’s when Behar chimed in to somehow link the Trump family to this.

“I’m glad that this is going to be over for this girl because there’s something weird about a 39-year-old woman being in this situation,” Behar said in agreement. “Eric Trump is out there acting like an idiot and nobody has him in a conservatorship. I don’t understand the whole thing, frankly.”

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