WATCH: Dem Congressman Jose Serrano Knocked Off Stage After Net Neutrality Sign Falls On Him

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A Democrat lawmaker from New York was knocked off stage at a net neutrality rally when a large sign shaped like an alarm clock fell on him.

Congressman Jose Serrano was speaking at the rally in Washington, D.C., in favor of net neutrality whilst standing in front of the sign.

“It (the internet) belongs to you, just like this country belongs to you, just like the flag belongs to you,” Serrano said.

“So this congressman from the South Bronx stands with you,” he said in front of the giant clock that read, “Wake up call.”

Seconds later, he wasn’t standing with anybody on stage any longer when the sign delivered its own wake-up call, tipping over and blasting him off the front of the stage.

“Wow,” Serrano reacted. “I’ve never been hit that hard in the South Bronx.”

“But I‘ll speak from here,” he said after being freshly displaced to the ground. “I’m doing that with a pulled muscle in my leg. Tough guy. Where was I?”

The sign offered no comment after the brutal beat down.

Serrano worked the incident nicely into his closing remarks saying, “Make sure that you stand up for it even if you have to get pushed off a stage.”

Perhaps the clock was tired of the net neutrality speech, or maybe it was simply tired of Serrano’s stance on open borders in America.

This past summer, he suggested the United States build a second Statue of Liberty at the southern border to welcome illegal immigrants.

“Build another Statue of Liberty on the southern border,” Serrano declared during a Homeland Security spending bill markup meeting. “That’s our message to the world, that statue — not the wall.”

We should “never, ever, ever build a wall,” he added.

An immigration enforcement advocate responded by saying Serrano was simply “grandstanding” and that “even though he represents an area that’s right near the Statue of Liberty — has no idea what the Statue of Liberty is all about.”

Now it’s clear he has no idea how giant inflatable clocks in high winds work either.

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