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FBI Raid Democratic Councilman Jose Huizar’s Home and Office

The FBI raided the home and office of Democrat and Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar. Approximately 15 FBI agents went through Huizar’s office, leaving with multiple boxes. Another nine agents searched his home with the aid of a canine.

It’s unclear what the federal agents were looking for. FBI Special Agent David Nanz indicated the search warrant was under seal.

A staffer who works in Huizar’s office in City Hall reported, “They just told us not to touch anything and put us in the conference room.” She added, “We had literally just opened the office.”

Huizar’s lawyer told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re trying to assess the situation and have no further comment at this time.”

While it’s unclear what the FBI were searching for, the Councilman is facing a number of legal issues. One of his former aides, Mayra Alvarez is suing the city of Los Angeles. She claims she was punished after she blew the whistle on Huizar forcing his staff to work on his wife’s upcoming council campaign during city time. She also alleges that Huizar has a mistress and gave her favorable treatment. She also indicated that she was punished for taking maternity and disability leave.

Huizar called the lawsuit “absolute nonsense.” He also called Alvarez’s claims “completely false” and “outlandish.” He also described it as a “hit piece.” Huizar would state, “It is nothing more than a hit piece orchestrated by political operatives who seek to undermine all the good work I’ve accomplished on behalf of my constituents.”

Huizar is in the middle of planning an election campaign for his wife, Richelle Huizar. Jose Huizar’s term limit as a Councilman expires in 2020 and he’s working to get his wife elected to his seat, which represents Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, and downtown.

Alvarez isn’t the only woman who has made claims against Huizar. Pauline Medina, another one of Huizar’s former aides, claims in her lawsuit that she had to raise money for Huizar’s alma mater Salesian High School during city time.

The High School issued a statement regarding the lawsuit’s accusations stating they had “no record of staff members from Councilman Huizar’s Office participating in fundraising activities at the school.”