Is nothing sacred anymore?

During the 11 annual Stand Up for Heroes charity event hosted at Madison Square Garden, comedians of all stripes performed, including former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart.

Now, at a charity benefit for the troops, you’d think some things would be off limit. Of course, comedy is supposed to be transgressive and provocative. But some things are just too crude, even in a puerile sport like comedy.

It looks like Stewart didn’t get the message. During the event he decided to make a dick joke about the president.

Poking fun at the president is no big deal – Donald Trump is a public official. He’s fair game. But during a charity event, it’s not great form to be speaking of phalluses and kitchen appliances.

Here was Stewart’s joke: “How do you even get there? It’s like a guy who’s like, ‘It didn’t work out with my girlfriend so now I’m going out with a toaster. That’s really, I think, where our country is at right now. We put our d**k in the toaster, and we’re all waiting to see what happens. What the f**k, man?”

What kind of juvenile comedy is this? Dick in a toaster? That’s a joke middle-schoolers make. Not grown men. But then, Stewart’s brand of “comedy” was never meant for thinking adults. It was geared towards pompous white college students who never set foot in a foreign country or inner city but thought themselves intellectually above the fray.

To be clear, nobody outside of Stewart and his whiny little friends thinks the country put their private parts in a toaster by electing Trump. Voters made a conscious choice, indicating they were fed up with the same old, same old.

This is both childish and pathetic. If Stewart has to rely on dirty little jokes to get a laugh, he’s more than washed up – he’s the joke, not his stupid quips.

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