Liberal Rocker John Mellencamp Claims Only 1-2% Of Black People Today Have Better Lives Than Slaves

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The leftwing musician John Mellencamp outrageously claimed that only 1-2% of black people in modern America have better lives than slaves did, but it didn’t take long for him to get shut down.

Mellencamp Sounds Off

While being interviewed by Bill Maher on the liberal comedian’s “Club Random Podcast,” Mellencamp revealed that he once wrote a song called “From the Cotton Field to the Playing Fields,” but he never recorded it because he felt that it was “wrong.”

“I wrote a song that I never recorded because I thought it was wrong but it was called ‘From the Fucking Cotton Fields to the Playing Fields,'” said Mellencamp, 71. “My point is that, yes, so what? Us as white people love to have black people entertain us.”

“I would say that the playing fields are a lot better than the cotton fields,” Maher replied. “That’s what I would say about that. Maybe I’m crazy, John, but it seems like making no money as a slave picking cotton — it was not as good as playing left field for the Yankees.”

That’s when Mellencamp went full woke in a truly ridiculous way.

“No doubt there is 1% or 2% of black people in America who have a better life,” Mellencamp said, with a shocked Maher replying, “Oh, stop. That’s what you think? 1 percent or 2 percent?”

“Okay let’s say 10%. I’m just pulling the number out of my a**,” Mellencamp admitted.

Maher fired back by saying that those numbers “belong” in his a**, adding, “I’m telling you that’s just not true.”

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Mellencamp’s Second Amendment Comments 

At another point in the interview, things went off the rails when Mellencamp suggested that the Second Amendment be changed to take guns away from Americans.

“All I’m saying is that a good place to start is to get these f—ing guns away from people,” he argued. “Just because it’s the Second Amendment, change this — and people go, ‘You can’t change the Second Amendment.’ F— you can, it’s an amendment. Change it.”


Maher responded by telling Mellencamp to be “realistic,” pointing out that this is “never going to happen in America.”

“If they start showing these f—ing kids laying there dead, it will,” Mellencamp ranted.

Maher, however, refused to back down, saying that those who love guns “love them on a level” that some are not able to understand, describing this as a “primal” and “personal issue.”

“It’s like pot smokers are with pot,” Maher explained. “It’s very in our personal space, and the idea of taking it away — liberals are always at a disadvantage with this issue because it’s not a visceral issue to say, ‘Guns are bad.’ It’s visceral to be like, ‘This thing I like they’re going to take from me.’ I don’t think you’re ever going to change that. They’re not going to rewrite the Second Amendment.”

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Mellencamp Sits During National Anthem

Fox News reported that this comes months after Mellencamp was photographed sitting for the national anthem before a football game between the Indianapolis Colts-Philadelphia Eagles back in November. The photograph should tell you everything you need to know about how Mellencamp really feels about this country.

Mellencamp’s comments about black people in modern America shows just how out of touch with reality members of the liberal elite really are. We don’t agree with Maher on much, but we’re glad that Mellencamp’s woke comments were too much for even him to stomach.

Editor’s note: This article’s headline has been updated.

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