John Kerry Embarrassed After Video Surfaces Of Him Declaring Peace In The Middle East Is Not Possible Without Palestinians

Video has surfaced of former Secretary of State John Kerry adamantly insisting Middle East peace was not possible without the Palestinians.

The comments, viewed in the prism of President Trump’s recent historic peace deal between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Kingdom of Bahrain, led to mockery on social media.

The Abraham Accords, which President Trump aptly described as “the dawn of a new Middle East,” were signed earlier this week by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Arab leaders.

UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalif all signed the agreement, which will involve establishing embassies, exchanging ambassadors, and instituting a process to work together as partners.

Kerry, by contrast in 2016, declared no peace was possible in the region without the Palestinians.

“There will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world,” Kerry angrily announced. “I want to make that very clear with all of you.”

“I’ve heard several prominent politicians in Israel sometimes saying, ‘Well, the Arab world is in a different place now. We just have to reach out to them. We can work some things with the Arab world and we’ll deal with the Palestinians,'” he continued. “No. No, no, and no.”

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Trump’s Middle East Strategy Proved Kerry Wrong

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner believes that it was the exact opposite approach – that President Trump did not deal with the Palestinians first in order to make peace in the region – that led to his success.

And he believes by doing that, this will actually lead to an agreement with the Palestinians down the line.

“Faced with the same Palestinian rejectionism that had stymied previous negotiators, Kushner focused on accomplishing the possible rather than the impossible,” Newsweek writes.

“President Trump’s strategy has been to not do stupid things, not keep old habits that don’t work, and, what he has done is he is actually the first president to outline a realistic vision for what a peace agreement could look like between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Kushner explained in a Fox News interview.

Those stupid things, those rejections that stymied peace, are exactly what Kerry is insisting are necessary in that video clip.

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Kerry is the Butt of the Joke

All of this made Kerry, a former candidate for President in the Democrat party, ripe for mockery.

“John Kerry may have been the worst Secretary of State ever, which says a lot,” Townhall editor Katie Pavlich tweeted.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency contributor Joel Petlin scoffed at the fact that nobody from the Obama administration, including Kerry, offered any form of praise for President Trump.

“It’s frightening to see how many foreign policy experts got it wrong. But it’s even more outrageous how few of them will even admit it,” he said.

While Kerry’s comments leave him and Obama exposed and the media willingly ignores the juxtaposition of his incompetence to the competence of today’s administration, the world nonetheless celebrates President Trump’s historic achievement.

“This day is a pivot of history, it heralds a new dawn of peace,” Netanyahu said, noting that the Jewish people have prayed for peace “for thousands of years.”

President Trump’s efforts have earned him two Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Precisely because he continues to deliver in areas where his predecessors repeatedly failed.

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