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Ohio Governor John Kasich Threatens To Leave GOP After Roy Moore Win

Ohio Governor John Kasich is throwing down the gauntlet. He didn’t like Donald Trump during the presidential primary because he had some grand scheme to possibly win the nomination. He has been working against President Trump ever since, and now he’s threatening to leave the GOP.

Why do we still give these politicians any attention on a failing network? Politicians like Kasich offer nothing new to the table. They represent the tired old establishment. All they know how to do is take people’s money and beg for votes.

One of the biggest problems with the GOP has been the alleged ‘moderates’ who had no intent of ever implementing any effective, conservative solutions. Now it looks like the guy begging to be a Democrat since 2015 will become one, right as the Democrat Party falls into complete disarray.

In an interview with CNN, Kasich criticized both parties, saying he had “no idea what the Democrats are for.” But then he continued, saying, “What I’m trying to do is struggle for the soul of the Republican Party the way that I see it.”

He then went on to trash Roy Moore, the winner of the Alabama Senate primary race last week. On Moore, Kasich said, “I couldn’t vote for that.”

John, your recent statement on leaving the party makes me laugh. I’m beginning to wonder if you ever were in the Party to begin with.

Governor, you are part of the swamp that Trump talks about. Trump was not my original choice, as I was an early Scott Walker and Rick Perry guy, but when they dropped out early, I joined Trump’s army. He has attempted to restore constitutional law back to this country, and the more you speak, the more I will vote for Trump the next time around.

The mayor of San Juan is politicking and so is Kasich. Why don’t you all stop the name-calling and finger-pointing, roll up your sleeves, and offer some real help to people in need!

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