John Boehner Calls Sean Hannity a ‘Right-Wing Idiot,’ Hannity Fires Back

A new profile at Politico shows former House Speaker John Boehner is incredibly bitter over the last few years of his congressional career, firing off petulant shots at the Freedom Caucus, right-wingers, and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

This is the man who is probably the biggest reason the Obama administration had any success, having rolled over at the former President’s every whim.

Boehner claims he spoke to Hannity in 2015 about the poor treatment he’d been receiving from conservative talk show hosts such as himself, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh.

“I had a conversation with Hannity, probably about the beginning of 2015,” Boehner states. “I called him and said, ‘Listen, you’re nuts.’ We had this really blunt conversation. Things were better for a few months, and then it got back to being the same-old, same-old. Because I wasn’t going to be a right-wing idiot.”


In one fell swoop, Boehner refers to every listener of these radio shows as a ‘right-wing idiot.’

And according to Politico, he really believes this.

“Boehner believes Americans are ill-informed because of their retreat into media echo chambers, one of two incurable causes of the country’s polarization,” the profile reads.

Got that? If you listen to Hannity, Limbaugh, or Levin, you’re an ill-informed, right-wing idiot according to Boehner.

“I always liked Rush,” Boehner said. “When I went to Palm Beach I would always meet with Rush and we’d go play golf. But you know, who was that right-wing guy, Levin? He went really crazy right and got a big audience, and he dragged Hannity to the dark side. He dragged Rush to the dark side.”

Never one to just lie down and take the insults, Hannity responded on social media suggesting Boehner was drunk when he recounted the story.

“John were you sober when you said this?” he asked. “That conversation never happened.”


In an unearthed email from close confidante Sid Blumenthal to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Boehner is described as being an “alcoholic” and “lazy.”

“He is louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle,” Blumenthal wrote.


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