Joe Rogan Praises Kayleigh McEnany As ‘Best Ever’ White House Press Secretary: ‘That Lady Was a F***ing Assassin’

Joe Rogan critiqued past White House press secretaries saying Jen Psaki was a lying "propagandist" while describing Kayleigh McEnany as "a f***ing assassin" and comparing her to Michael Jordan as the "best ever."
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Popular podcast host Joe Rogan critiqued past White House press secretaries, ripping Jen Psaki as a lying “propagandist” while describing Kayleigh McEnany as “a f***ing assassin” and comparing her to Michael Jordan as the “best ever.”

Rogan’s comments came during an interview with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who had refused to get vaccinated against Covid and was intentionally vague with the media last season about his status to avoid a “witch hunt” against players.

Rodgers would eventually admit to not being vaccinated after he tested positive and was accused of setting a bad example and letting his teammates down. Several NFL players since then who are fully vaccinated and boosted have tested positive.

The conversation veered into Rogan slamming Psaki for some of her answers during the pandemic. 

“But she was a propagandist, I mean, when she’s working for the White House she’s this person that answers questions and most of it — the hard questions — were all by Peter Doocy on Fox News.”

“He was the only one who pushed back against her and she just f*cking flat out lied; and not just on one occasion, but on multiple occasions,” added Rogan.


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Joe Rogan Praises Kayleigh McEnany as an Assassin

After calling Jen Psaki a lying propagandist, Joe Rogan admitted the job of White House press secretary is “a weird job” to begin with and said the “only one that was good at it” was Kayleigh McEnany.

“That lady was a f***ing assassin,” he gushed. “That lady had like binders with footnotes and anyone would say some shit, ‘Well, that’s interesting, because actually, CNN said this.’ And she would like, quote it back to them and stuff it in their face.”

“That lady is the best ever at that job. She’s the f***ing Michael Jordan of White House press secretaries,” continued Rogan. “She’s a f***ing wizard.”

Rogan has offered similar praise of McEnany in the past.

“The only one who was good at it, the last lady with Trump. Kayleigh McEnany,” he said during a podcast this past May. “She’s the best. She’s the GOAT at that s***.”

“She would have f***ing receipts, she would have tabs in her notebook, she would pull right to when she knew they were coming with a gotcha.”

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She Had the Receipts

Joe Rogan’s assessment of Kayleigh McEnany is spot on – she always had the receipts and was rarely ever caught off guard.

She repeatedly turned CNN reporter Jim Acosta into a journalistic punching bag.

She smoked Acosta’s colleague Jake Tapper after he claimed McEnany “lies all the time,” calling the segment “a therapy session for a broken network.”

And, as for those receipts, witness this masterclass in turning a mirror on to the fake news media when they tried to push the story that former President Donald Trump had been briefed about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban to target and kill American troops.

President Biden’s own administration admitted that U.S. intelligence did not have conclusive evidence that the reports on the Russian bounties were ever true.

McEnenay absolutely leveled the New York Times over the report, telling them to “give back your Pulitzer.”

As for Psaki, who Joe Rogan refers to as a propagandist, McEnany poked fun at her, saying she didn’t need to do a “ton of circling back” with reporters when she was White House press secretary because she actually did a lot of research and had access to her boss.

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