The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Devin Nunes was inquiring about an “inside source” that he discovered the FBI had inside the Trump campaign.

The Washington Post reported that the source is a “sensitive, longtime intelligence source” for the CIA and FBI who has helped in Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

The identity of the source is still unknown, but a number of people have speculated that it’s Stefan Halper, a joint U.S.-U.K. citizen and former spy that approached a number of members of the Trump campaign.

While we don’t know the identity of the mole, the story was still shocking, in that it proves the FBI’s involvement with the Trump campaign was worse than initially believed.

Not only did the Bureau rely on bogus information to surveil members of the Trump campaign, they were attempting to infiltrate it. Even more surprising, according to some original reporting at the Western Journal, this isn’t even the first time this has occurred.

The events took place during the 2010 race between U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller in Alaska, and incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who he’d defeat in the Republican primary. While early polling gave Miller a slight edge, the race became deadlocked in mid-October due to two events, the handcuffing of a reporter at one of Miller’s campaign events by an FBI informant, and the leaking of Miller’s confidential employee file to the media. 

Randy DeSoto, who worked on Miller’s campaign, writes that:

FBI informant Bill Fulton first showed up on primary election night in Anchorage, unsolicited, volunteering his security services to the candidate that evening following his victory.

Miller did not use security during the race before or after, with one exception of a town hall event at an Anchorage middle school in mid-October, where according to the terms of the contract, security was required. A member of the campaign staff contacted Fulton.

I was at the town hall where the informant took it upon himself after the event to handcuff Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger. Shortly before the incident, the journalist had broken into a circle of supporters Miller was speaking to and put a handheld camera in his face.

Miller indicated he was not giving an interview and left the room. Hopfinger followed him out into the hallway and ended up pushing an attendee into a set of lockers, apparently trying to catch up with the candidate. Miller left the building and not long thereafter Hopfinger got into a scuffle with the security team headed by Fulton, who ordered the reporter to be detained.

I came out into the hallway in time to find Hopfinger in handcuffs, which I questioned Fulton about, telling him the optics looked horrible, but he did not stand down.

Fulton insisted Hopfinger needed to remain handcuffed until the police arrived and kept him in plain view as numerous reporters circled about, shooting footage of their detained colleague.

In a 2013 Huffington Post article titled “How Bill Fulton Infiltrated Alaska’s Right Wing As An FBI Informant,” the informant revealed that he voted for President Barack Obama and lauded his own actions that day.

“It completely solidified our position within the right wing,” Fulton said of the handcuffing incident. “Because there’s nothing the right wing likes more than you roughing up the left-wing media and such.” “The left-wing completely attacked me, including Huffington Post, you b—–ds,” Fulton said. “I was working for you, you sons of b—–s, and nobody knew it.”

While Miller did end up winning his primary, he lost the general election to Murkowski, who won a write-in campaign, the handcuffing of a reporter did severely damage the campaign due to the bad optics of it. But as we know now, it was completely manufactured.

This all raises the question: how is it even legal for the FBI to do something like this?

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