High School Coach Fired For Kneeling In Prayer Calls NFL Hypocrites

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First of all, I am the son of a pastor, so I understand why it’s important to kneel and pray. There’s nothing wrong with this gesture. In fact, it shows you are serious about your faith. We as Americans can do this almost anywhere and everywhere because, as citizens, we have the freedom of religion under the Constitution.

Joe Kennedy, a former high school coach, was fired for kneeling in prayer after his football games, which was a normal sports tradition for as long as I can remember. Kennedy, of course, has come out swinging against the NFL for their National Anthem protests.

He went on Fox News to drop a big truth bomb: “I can’t wrap my brain around it. I’m a Marine. I want the same rights for everybody else.” He went on to defend former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who was chastised for visibly celebrating his faith on the field. “Everyone has different opinions,” Kennedy explained. “Being a Marine, we fought to defend [these] rights.”

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What this country has become is a sensitive shell of itself. No longer do we have community leaders fighting for what’s right. They have turned into runaways while the leaders of anarchy and destruction are spreading their wings.

That may be harsh, but how else can you explain the wave of disrespectful snowflakes turning our nation on its head, where right is wrong and wrong is right?

Something has to be done because this is getting out of hand. Our traditions and beliefs are being attacked by a minority of anarchists and it seems a lot of us are asleep at the wheel, sitting on our hands with tape over our mouths.

It’s time for action and that doesn’t mean physical violence. Attend your city councils and get involved. Run for office and get elected and make changes on the ground level that will shake the state’s foundation.

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