Axios reported on Sunday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden might be eyeing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for attorney general, should the former vice president win the election in November.

Cuomo has been a political ally of Biden, and Axios noted that Biden has said of Cuomo that he “would consider him” for the country’s top law enforcement position.

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Cuomo Responds

New York’s governor was asked about the rumors of him being tapped for AG in a future Biden administration, denying he had any intention of taking such a role.

“I’m a New Yorker,” Cuomo said on NBC’s Today. “I said I would serve as governor and those rumors — those are only from people who want to get me out of New York.”

“I don’t know why, but that’s where that’s coming from,” Cuomo insisted.

“I have no interest in going to Washington. I said when this COVID situation started, just so I had total credibility with the people of the state, I’m not running for president. I’m not running for vice president.”

“I don’t want to go to Washington,” he added. “I just am giving you the straight advice as your governor and that’s where I am.”

Cuomo Botches Coronavirus Response

While the mainstream media has lavished praise on Cuomo for his supposed leadership during the New York’s coronavirus crisis, many also conveniently forgot to mention that it was his order to place COVID-19 infected patients in nursing homes that may have resulted in a tragically high number of deaths.

On top of that, Cuomo has a reputation as an authoritarian.

The Intercept’s Akela Lacy reported in April on some of Cuomo’s heavy-handed tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In recent weeks, Cuomo has been lavished with national praise for holding nightly briefings about the pandemic, seemingly filling a leadership vacuum left by the federal government,” Lacy wrote.

“But not only did Cuomo fumble his state’s response, minimizing the risks of the virus in early March, but he has also used this political moment to cement his authority and that of his political allies,” she continued.

The Intercept noted:

“Over the past month, Cuomo has canceled six special elections and used the state’s annual budget process, over which he wielded great influence, to enact some of the most strict ballot access laws in the nation and expand his budgetary power.

Progressives say the combination of moves amount to a power grab, given cover by the ongoing pandemic.”

“He’s high on his new popularity and using it to become even more authoritarian,’ said Monica Klein, a progressive strategist in New York City and co-founder of Seneca Strategies,” The Intercept added.

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So an authoritarian who botched his response to a global pandemic for attorney general?

Maybe not such a good idea.
Cuomo’s senior adviser Richard Azzopardi told Axios that his boss has “made zero outreach, has had zero conversations about this and has made his desire to stay in New York clear as day and be governor as long as people want him.”

We will see if this remains true if Biden wins in November.