Jindal: Obama Arrogant and Trying to “Break The Law”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that President Obama is the one threatening a government shutdown. On Meet the Press, Jindal stated that if there is a shutdown in reaction to an executive order on immigration, it will be the President’s own doing.

 “No, we shouldn’t shut down the government, but absolutely Republicans should do everything they can to force the president to follow the law. Let’s secure the border. No, the president shouldn’t shut down the government so that he can break the law.”

Jindal had strong words for President Obama saying that an executive order would be breaking the law and that Republicans should hold him accountable and make Obama own the consequences.

“The president said ‘I want to break the law.’ He said I’m going to wait until after the election. I know it’s not going to be popular to grant amnesty to millions of folks that are here illegally. We had an election. He said his policies were on the ballot. He lost in red states, purple states, blue states. The American people overwhelmingly ejected and rejected his policies. Now he is saying, I’m still going to break the law. Talk about arrogance. Where was this president that used to say elections have consequences.”

If the President uses an executive action on immigration, do you believe the government should be shut down?

H/T: National Review Online



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