Jimmy Fallon Rips the President for Taking Credit for the Economy


During his monologue on Thursday night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was unusually critical of the President’s economic policies, mocking Obama for a penchant to blame Republicans for everything, and even daring to joke that people attend his speeches in the middle of the day because they “don’t have jobs.”

The President gave a speech in Cleveland on Wednesday in which he slammed House Republicans for offering up a budget that he alleges will benefit the wealthy. He then added that the economy was showing signs of recovery, something Obama was “going to take a little credit” for.

Fallon responded to that by quipping, “The people at the rally were like, ‘Dude, we’re all here in the middle of the day because we don’t have jobs.'”

The Tonight Show host went on to joke about how Obama tends to blame everybody but himself when the economy is struggling.

“Obama discussed the successful economy and said, quote, ‘I’m going to take a little credit.’ Then the economy got bad again and he was like, ‘Republicans did it.'”

Fallon added a shot at Vice-President Joe Biden as well.

President Obama was photographed earlier in the week wearing a fitness tracker, a device that looks similar to a black wristwatch.

Fallon joked that Biden was not to be outdone in this department, as he “was photographed wearing a necklace with his name, address, and allergies in case he gets lost.”

Check out Fallon’s Presidential jokes below…


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