Jill Biden Snaps When Told Trump Is Beating Joe In Swing States – ‘No He’s Not’

Jill Biden
Source: CBS Mornings YouTube

The First Lady Jill Biden snapped on live television on Wednesday after she was told the brutal truth that her husband Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump in major swing states.

Jill Snaps When Confronted By Reality

While appearing on “CBS Mornings” on Wednesday, Jill was asked about her husband’s reelection campaign, specifically about a recent Wall Street Journal poll that shows that the current president is trailing Trump in six of seven 2024 swing states.

“No, he’s not losing in all the battleground states,” Jill said, according to Daily Mail.

“I feel that Joe will be re-elected,” she continued. “He’s coming up even or doing better. So you know what, once people start to focus in and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

When asked if she’s worried at all about her husband’s reelection chances, Jill replied, “no, no, no. I feel that Joe will be re-elected.”

Unfortunately for Jill, however, the facts are not on her side. The Wall Street Journal survey shows that Trump is beating Biden in the crucial battleground states of Michigan (48-45%), Pennsylvania (47-44%), Georgia (44-43%), North Carolina (49-43%), Arizona (47-42%) and Nevada (48-44%). While the poll showed that Biden is tied with Trump in Wisconsin at 46% each, it did not give the Democrat any leads in battleground states.

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President Biden Starting To Crack

Last month, NBC News reported that President Biden began to shout and swear back in January when he was told that his poll numbers in Michigan and Georgia had dropped over his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas. The report added that Biden is surrounded by “protective aides who want to minimize the chances of a flub” after years of gaffes from the current president.

“The man’s been successful for decades in Congress and became vice president and president,” a source said. “If you try to change the person, you’re making a mistake. Let the president go out there and do his thing.”

Unfortunately for both Biden and that unnamed source, however, it’s clear that the vast majority of Americans do not agree.

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Jill’s Previous Comments

Despite Biden’s unpopularity, Jill has been working overtime to get him reelected amidst questions about his mental capabilities.

“He can do it,” Jill said back in January when asked if her husband can physically handle a second term, according to The Mail. “I see Joe every day. I see him out, you know, traveling around this country. I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion every single day.”

When asked about concerns that Biden is “too old” to run for president again at 81 years of age, Jill replied that “his age is an asset.”

“He’s wise,” she somehow claimed with a straight face, according to Fox News. “He has wisdom. He has experience. He knows every leader on the world stage. He’s lived history. He knows history. He’s thoughtful in his decisions. He is the right man, the right person for the job at this moment in history.”

Jill can defend her husband all that she wants to, but it’s clear that the vast majority of Americans have turned on him. Jill may be in denial about her husband’s reelection chances now, but she’s in for a rude awakening come November, when she’ll likely find herself having to plan her move out of the White House.

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