Jill Biden Encourages Radical Teachers and Student Indoctrination: “Our Schools are Where Policies Become People”

Jill Biden

A video of First Lady Jill Biden speaking at the American Federation of Teachers convention in July has recently surfaced, and it affirms the notion that the Biden administration is solidly behind the teaching of radical ideas such as critical race theory and gender ideology.

Biden appeared to praise America’s teachers for doing what is so often an extremely difficult job, but she also gave away the fact that, in many cases, what goes on in the classroom, is really not how it is supposed to work.

Dr. Biden told those in attendance, “You turn down the news on the TV telling you about people who want to stop you from doing your job. And you put your shoulders back and you just go out and focus on your students. There is so much weight on all of you, but you carry it. Our schools are where policies become people.”

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Democrats Keeping Teachers Happy

The Democrats will go to great lengths to keep the likes of teachers unions happy as they are some of the largest contributors to the Democrat Party. In her speech, Biden mentioned a conversation she had with AFT President Randi Weingarten.

“As Randi said yesterday, teaching has become so much harder,” said Biden. “But you don’t quit. You show up to work with a granola bar because you know someone may come to class hungry.”

What wasn’t mentioned specifically was why teaching had become so much harder. COVID lockdowns were a blessing in disguise of sorts, because it gave parents a birds eye view of just exactly what was going on in our nation’s classrooms. It might be an understatement to say they were not happy with what they saw.

Jill Biden, herself an English Professor, continued to turn a speech of what may have started out to be words of praise and encouragement for her fellow teachers, into a list of Democrat talking points masquerading as education issues.

“You tell your students that change is possible, even though you know that the young women looking up at you with those hopeful eyes have lost rights that they don’t even understand yet,” Biden continued. “You turn down the news on TV telling you about people who want to stop you from doing your job, put your shoulders back, and focus on your students.” 

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‘That’s Not How Any of This Works’

While Jill Biden’s “policies become people” word salad might sound like a lot of bureaucratic gibberish, it is those very policies that have parents concerned. It is why the number of American children who are being homeschooled has gone up at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1% from 2016 to 2021. Currently, 3.7 million children are homeschooled.

The notion that children belong to the education system and not parents also plays a big part in the increase of homeschooling. The National Education Association (NEA), another large teachers union, recently tweeted, “Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive.”

What they didn’t tweet out was that according to the National Report Card, American students had the largest decrease in reading scores in 30 years. Math scores also decreased, and ACT scores were the lowest since 1991.

Parents are fighting back however and becoming much more involved. A group called “Moms for Liberty” backed approximately 500 school board candidates around the nation, and roughly half of them won. They raised $50,000 for school board candidates in Florida alone. 

Bad news for Jill Biden and her fellow woke teachers. Parents do not want their children, their “people,” turned into policy.

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