Jill Biden Breaks Her Silence About Afghanistan Terrorist Attack

Jill Biden

The First Lady Jill Biden has finally broken her silence about the terrorist attack in Afghanistan that killed thirteen U.S. service members on Thursday.

Jill Biden Speaks Out

“For nearly twenty years, Afghanistan has been woven through your life,” Jill said. “Many of you scheduled weddings and births around deployments or watched your children reach for a mom or dad who was 3,000 miles away. Some of you sent care packages to Afghan families helping your spouse.”

“You watched loved ones board a plane to Kabul or Kandahar, and wondered if you’d ever see them again. Too many of you lost a piece of your heart forever there,” she added. “This mission is personal to you, and you have shouldered its enormous weight.”

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“This week’s tragic attack outside of the Kabul airport left us with the stinging reality of the ultimate sacrifice you are willing to make,” Jill continued. “Please join me in praying for the fallen and those still serving on the frontlines, as well as their families.”

“As a military mom, I’ve seen what makes this community unlike any other,” she concluded. “It’s bound together by love—love for our country and the values we are founded upon; love for those who serve, including the allies who stand alongside us; and love for the communities we build together. That love is what drives you to answer your nation’s call, again and again.”

Jill Praises The Military 

Not stopping there, Jill proceeded to tout the amount of strength that the military has shown as of late.

“In this difficult time, the nation, too, has seen your fortitude on display once again,” Jill said. “We’ve seen service members sharing water and food with Afghan children waiting at the Kabul airport. We’ve seen military families welcoming Afghan refugees home to the United States with donations and friendship. Thank you for your continued service.”

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“As our mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, you may be experiencing many emotions. Know that my heart is with you as you navigate what comes next for your family, your community, and our nation. You are not alone,” she stated. “As a nation, we have asked so much of you these last twenty years.”

“From missed birthdays and holidays to illnesses and injuries to the ultimate sacrifice a family can make, you have given us more than we can ever repay,” she concluded. “What we can do is match your devotion with our own. We can stand beside you and honor your service. If you need to talk to someone, reach out.”

Jill’s husband Joe Biden has been widely panned for how he has handled the crisis in Afghanistan. Despite this, Jill has stood by him and his actions there.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 28, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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